1. says

    in proper context it’s:

    “Rabbi States that God Gets More Angry at Gay People Marrying Than He Did About 6 Million Jews Being Exterminated in the Holocaust, and Centuries of Slavery, then Racial Segregation.”


    His God was notably absent from those atrocities to humanity. Deb wants to marry Jane? RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!!

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    I recall that the Nazis blamed all of Europe’s problems on the Jews. Now that sick Jew is blaming Gay citizens for killing innocent New York citizens? Wow just Wow. It’s good to see that bigot is being called out on his hate.

  3. says

    No no no guys !

    God only gets angry at US American gays who marry.
    God likes European gays who marry……otherwise the Netherlands would be under the North Sea by
    It’s you bad Americans who are the cause of God’s righteous wrath…..he’s just not into you.
    And remember this is the same gang of primitves who brought us the posters of the eigties telling us that Aids was god’s punishment because we were gay…
    Well, we’re back, we’re in the Military, we’re marrying, we’re making babies….
    so Leiter, blow me.

    Leiter is a real weirdo.

  4. Caliban says

    I don’t know why they bothered to such obvious batshittery. Who cares what the head Rabbi of Cuckoos for Cocoa Puffs has to say?

    Whether it’s Christians, Muslims, or Jews, fundamentalism is a mental illness.

  5. Miguel R. says

    I’m a devout Catholic, a religion, which like Judaism, allows for a great deal of intellectual flexibility. Don’t let the extreme right of either religion tell you otherwise. The point is that no one but God has the answers and, in fact, to act like you know what God thinks is blasphemy. We are all in process, we are all learning, and no one has the all of the answers. We all have answers. And the point is to find the truth (God) together. Even if you don’t believe in religion, this is how democracy works- our truths collectively shape collective experience. I hope that you believe in democracy and believe that you think that truth is a collective, not personal, enterprise.

    In short, the people who yell loudest are the most afraid of having their power taken away: narrow minded priests from IL; bigoted Rabbi’s from NY. They see the tide turning. Also, Muslim fundamentalists. They see democracy emerging in the middle east and it terrifies them. The point is, let’s not mistake the headline-grabbing right wing of a religion for the religion itself.

  6. DeeperStill says

    Well, Denmark was the first country to legalize registered partnerships, back in 1989, and finally full marriage equality back in July of this year. No floods or other disasters yet… Although, it did rain heavily all day yesterday, so who knows?

    Why anyone take these hateful morons seriously is beyond me. Clearly they must be morons as well, right? Maybe it’s time to pass a law that prohibit morons to take part in modern day society politics? I get that you have the right to voice your OPINION, but once you’ve been proven wrong by like, FACTS, you need to sit your azz down, and STFU!

    Pathetic, delusional haters.

  7. Bernie says

    I guess this Rabbi’s god and my god don’t live in the same sky. My god is good, loving, supportive and non-judgemental. I’m not sure if his god got mixed up at birth and had a bad chidhood. Anyway, I think every religious nut job has weighed in that we powerful and magical gays have once again caused havoc in the world.

  8. Dearcomrade says

    More proof that God is an underachiever. The big guy must have gotten a C in geography.If he was trying to punish New York why make a left turn at New Jersey.

    He Rabbi, next time your god wants to punish a state for legalizing gay marriage tell him to get a Garmin GPS.

  9. Kogenta says

    Hey Rabbi, remember that great flood that never happened (and geologists, plants, and many other things prove it). There is about as much truth in your biblical flood as your claim to the purpose of hurricane Sandy.

  10. paul says

    Newsflash. this just in….. Religious fanatic makes stupid remark..shows ignorance hatred and bigotry. Isn’t that sort of what they do ? Why are we surprised or why do we even react anymore ? they all do it so often im starting to get really indifferent which is actually much better than being hurt by their cretinous beliefs.

  11. UFFDA says

    This dude is now cancelled, a contemptable and laughable low life.

    Hey, HOMO GENIUS…that’s right, the big B says that Noah’s own son got drunk and raped his father. The B is so X-rated. Rabbi Pinhead is consumed with envious yearning.

  12. Diogenes Arktos says

    To correct a couple of misconceptions:

    – According to Jewish tradition, the flood was caused due to violence, not marriage equality.

    – Noah was raped by one of his sons – this is the story about Hamm and the traditional reason to denigrate Blacks – but it happened after the flood. (The first reference to viticulture is after the flood.)

    – Roman Catholicism has very strong strictures on “intellectual flexibility”. No well-formed conscience can disagree with church teaching. period. See TR 11/03/12: University of San Diego Bars Brit for Gay Marriage Support

    – Judaism’s tradition of “intellectual flexibility” depends greatly where on the spectrum one is. There are multiple organizations in this country. Three can easily be placed on the spectrum (from left to right): Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox. There is a group called Reconstructionist. Some also include the unorganized ultra-Orthodox as a separate far right-wing group.

  13. Diogenes Arktos says

    P.S. I am sure that the rabbi in question is not Conservative (upper case c). To call him conservative (lower case c) is misleading. By the way he’s dressed, he must be Orthodox if not ultra-Orthodox.

  14. Bill says

    This moron should stop reading the Torah until he’s taken a few years of college-level physics courses – enough so that he would understand where double rainbows come from. He shouldn’t read the Torah during that time so he can concentrate on problem sets – i.e., homework.

    He might even learn that double rainbows are a natural phenomena, seen more in some areas than others due to the way storms come in, and are not a message from some Deity, real or imagined.

    This rabbi might also want to get his rear end out of New York City, where the buildings tend to obscure one’s view of the sky, making phenomena such as double rainbows harder to see.

  15. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Larry: Reform: marriage equality and gay (and lesbian) rabbis
    Conservative: marriage equality and gay (and lesbian) rabbis
    Orthodox: one openly gay rabbi (he came out after ordination)

    see also:
    TR post on Conservative marriage equality 09/09/12

    (BTW – There’s a nice slide show of LGBT religious leaders at the end of the HuffPost link.)

  16. Michael Godwin says

    editorial correction requested: Noson Leiter is NOT a Conservative rabbi (as in Conservative Judaism movement). He is most certainly an Ultra-Orthodox Haredi rabbi. I recognize that he is also member of New York’s Conservative Party, but a distinction needs to be made so that the article doesn’t confuse the two very different affiliations. Conservative Judaism has made huge strides over the last two decades to be gay-inclusive and gender-inclusive (allowing gays and women to serve as rabbis and allowing rabbis to preside over gay wedding ceremonies).

  17. Jerry6 says

    I am glad that my Partner of 32 years, a JEW, does not “DO” computers (His Cell Phone is complex enough) because he would gladly let the good Rabi have a piece of his mind. For myself, I was raised in a strict Catholic household; (In my youth,We did not eat any meat after Noon Thursday for fear that some may still be in our bodies at midnight when it became Friday.) I was interested in the Priesthood when I was 16, but after three meetings with my Parish Priest, he told me that it was not for me because I could get along fine without having others control my everyday activity. This Rabi is a REAL Nutcase.

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