1. JP Colter says

    I can’t figure out how whomever wrote this translates Pelosi’s response into “Pelosi snapped”. She responded to the offensive question in a very appropriate way.

  2. CCGuy000 says

    Perfectly reasonable question – why not inject some new leadership into your party? Why do politicians keep running for office into their 70s and 80s? Retire! Lord knows you assholes have given yourself golden parachute pensions and health care that the rest of us can’t ever hope to attain.

  3. Trasker says

    “The longer the top 3 stay, the longer it takes to infuse the caucus with new blood like #GOP did w Cantor, Ryan, McCarthy etc.”

    Yeah, ’cause that is working out so well for them.

  4. ratbastard says

    Well, those old people need to die off so we can get gay marriage, marijuana legalization, ‘path to citizenship’ for illegal immigrants, and so-on passed into law. She is 65 and older after all. For the good of the country and younger folks, she needs to just go away somewhere and die with the rest of the old farts.

    *sarcasm off*

  5. ratbastard says

    I agree we need some cut off point for these politicians. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean a younger person will do a better, or even as good as job.

    She and her ilk in all parties have their plush golden parachutes, while the peasants fight over scaled back medicaid, medicare, social security, etc., I feel like we’re living in Animal Farm, and the pigs are standing upright and fraternizing with the humans while selling their lesser animals down the river.

  6. Gus says

    It is not Mr. Russert’s job to be the younger Representatives’ spokesmodel. If they have a beef they would like to make public they should have the balls to do so.

    The reason they don’t is Ms Pelosi raises more money than anyone else for their own campaigns and fear to go on the record.

  7. Bill says

    Luke Russert’s meteoric rise at NBC news at such a young age is owing ONLY to the feelings spurred at the network by the sudden and unexpected death of his beloved father at a relatively young age and at the height of his career. The younger Mr. Russert is the beneficiary, not of nepotism, but what I call necrotism. Put another way, he’s lucky that fate saw to it that his father didn’t stay on and prohibit younger leadership at NBC news.

  8. BABH says

    Age discrimination? No, it’s gender discrimination. Nobody ever told a male politician that he was too old, even when they were known to be senile (Ronald Reagan, Jim Bunning, etc.).

  9. MarkRocks says

    Luke Russert has little qualification to ask questions of elected officials, other than the goodwill that comes from trying to take your father’s job, after his untimely death. Stop riding coattails, start with journalism where you’ll learn not to ask stupid, inappropriate, and/or poorly worded questions. Once you’ve learned reporting and journalism, maybe you can move to “big leagues”.

  10. MikeH says

    The idea that someone should step aside because of their age is extremely offensive. If they are capable, then they should stay on – and Nancy Pelosi is very capable. In addition, her comment about Russert not asking Mitch McConnell the same question is right on target. I really think this is more about a hidden agenda to weaken democratic leadership. Pelosi of course isn’t perfect, no one is… but she is a champion of the liberal caucus. The GOP would like nothing more to get rid of her. Russert would never dare say anything about the GOP leadership because the press is afraid of being labeled as “biased” by Fox & Friends, so they continually bash the democrats.

  11. Bellah says

    Russert is the worst report/anchor in a long time. We all know how he got his job. One of the worst cases of nepotism and white man privledge/affirmative action ever

  12. Dastius Krazitauc says

    My question wouldn’t have been about age as much as about “different leadership”. I don’t like people staying on for 10 years or more in the same leadership position. Change is good. The longer one person is the face of the Party, the more people identify party and politics with *that* person, instead of the positions of the Party.

  13. Vito says

    The GOP infused younger blood but with that younger blood came archaic ideology out of touch with many Americans. So let’s actually look at this, the younger blood the GOP brought in has held the party back and help in their defeat last Tuesday.

  14. Sam says

    Am I the only person who finds it annoying that, because his late father was a great journalist and died suddenly, Luke Russert was handed a role that he has really done little to earn?

  15. says

    Luke Russert is horrible. He clearly seems to think he’s a young hotshot who got where he is based on his ability, which we all know couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    As far as the idea about age goes, Bernie Sanders has been the most outspoken advocate for Americans who are struggling. He seems to be the only one who gets it. Paul Ryan is young, but his economic “policies” (fantasies?) would have been an unmitigated disaster.

  16. justsayin60 says

    Luke will not want to see his Mother at Thanksgiving dinner. I am guessing she will have a thing or two to say about his comments that reflect his age and gender discrimination. She is a successful journalist that I am certain has had to battle her fair share of discrimination. Should make for an interesting holiday meal. Grow up Luke.

  17. woodroad34 says

    “…the longer it takes to infuse the caucus with new blood like #GOP did w Cantor, Ryan, McCarthy etc.”

    Yeah, good example; dumbasses one and all. Keep Pelosi.

  18. says

    Luke Russert’s question was very fair. In fact, it was the elephant in the room. Pelosi is 72, Hoyer is 73 and Clyburn is 72. Those are the top 3 Democratic leaders in the House. You mean we can’t carve out at least one spot for a new, fresh perspective?

    Powerful politicans are only concerned with keeping their power.

  19. Ryan says

    Luke Russert is such a little d-bag. While he’s out there asking agist questions, why doesn’t someone ask him what the chances would have been to have his job at his age if not for the fact that his father was Tim Russert.

  20. rjp3 says

    Entitled little twerp — got a job because he had a famous last name, on the back of sympathy of his sold out elitist father — disgusting comment, disgusting response from him — just a disgusting example of what passes for the elite social circle today.

  21. Opinionated says

    Wait, this is a valid question. I personally think we need an ammendment to have age limits in at least the Senate I mean look at how long Strom was able to espouse his racist views. Pelosi is great on our issues, and many other progressive issues, but I certianly never want to see her as the House Speaker again. She steamrolled her way to the Speaker position to begin with and as a minority speaker has been more of an Obama crony than an effectual opposition. I get the sensitivity towards age but it has some merit as a question.

  22. BobN says

    I love the justification that he was just asking why the Dems don’t do what the GOP did and bring in new blood… that just lost the election at every level in an unprecedented drubbing.

  23. StillMarriedinCA says

    Kicking people out because they have age and experience is bad policy. Term limits has not improved politics one bit. You end up getting rid of some great people and replacing them with inexperienced people who need years to learn the ropes only to be termed out once they get the hang of it. The examples of Cantor and Ryan only serves to illustrate that younger is not necessarily better…. and can be just awful.

  24. Natamaxxx says

    I wouldn’t say she “snapped”, but she sure as hell told him straight out that his question was both offensive and stupid -even if he disn’t exactly realize why.

    Stop trying to be such a hot shot kid. Let the adults speak.

  25. robert says

    “You’ve always asked that question, but not to Mitch McConnell.”

    Well yeah, because Mitch is man. Obviously. They can grow old and still be powerful. A woman? No they have to be young and pretty.
    Damn double-standard!

  26. Sins of the Father says

    Also, if you ask among journalists, privately they’ll say that Luke Russert exists in journalism because of who his father was, not because of any journalistic skills that he himself might have. They also believe that he is not anywhere near the man his father was, and probably never will be–just a young vulture, feasting off the corpse of his father’s reputation. And they will not say anything on the record about Luke’s alcohol consumption, and whether it is excessive. Not a word.

  27. Liam says

    For all of you who are saying that it is offensive to ask someone over 70 to step aside in a leadership role for younger people, I give you Barbara Walters, Jim Lehrer, Bob Scheiffer as examples of brillant people who are well past it yet stay on and block spots for younger more talented people. I dont know what the answer if but if there are few top positions and they are all filled with people who are past it then there is a problem. Look at Reagan. It was way to old for his second term and clearly in the early stages of Altzeimers yet he was protected and reelected.

  28. jamal49 says

    Luke Russert is Exhibit A for the “don’t get in over your head being a news reporter just because your dad did a mediocre job every Sunday on Face The Nation but kicked it prematurely and everybody felt sorry for you and gave you a job at NBC even though you probably should be flipping burgers at McDonalds right now” syndrome.

  29. andrew says

    “Pelosi Blasts Luke Russert”. Another misleading Towleroad headline. She calmly answered his question. I would have asked him if he thinks that his getting the job of reporter because of his father has prevented a really talented young reporter from getting that job.

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