Towleroad Talking Points: An Historic Night

 PHOTO OF THE DAY: Four more years for the President!


A look back at the top stories following an epic night


Woo! What a night last night was. Barack Obama has been re-elected in what was not nearly as close a race as some on the right believed it would be. It's eerie how close Nate Silver's projections were to the actual numbers. Obama was eloquent and stirring in his acceptance speech that came at nearly 2am on the East Coast. After what seemed to be initial stubbornness against his obvious defeat, Mitt Romney was short and to the point when he conceded. But boy was it sweet to hear!



It was not only a huge night for the President but it was a massively historic moment for LGBT rights. Marriage equality was successful at the ballot for the first time ever. Marriage equality passed in Washington state, Maine and Maryland. Also in Minnesota a measure intended to constitutionally ban gay marriage was defeated. All in all a complete landslide for equality, whatever Brian Brown may want his supporters to believe.

There were also some huge victories for LGBT and LGBT friendly candidates in Senate and House races. Tammy Baldwin became the first openly gay U.S. Senator with her victory in Wisconsin. In New York Sean Patrick Maloney will be the first openly gay Congressman from the state. And pro-gay candidate John Tierney held onto his seat in Massachusetts. Also good news out of a local race in Troy, Michigan, where the anti-gay mayor was finally ousted.

Maine Question 1.JPEG-0fe4e.rIt was just a stunning night. Even socially moderate Meghan McCain was able to find solace in the LGBT, not to mention the marijuana, wins.

Oh and in other gay news, John Travolta isn't gay. If we are to believe Kirstie Alley.



was certainly a late night last night, although not as late as some may
have anticipated. For the second election in a row, Diane Sawyer may have hit the bottle.


  1. Icebloo says

    Maybe the reason Romney didn’t reveal his tax records was because they don’t have taxes on his home planet ?

  2. EchtKultig says

    One of the greatest days in the history of gay rights. 4 ballot measures passing in our favor, and the reelection of the most pro-gay president ever. The defeat of the first Republican presidential candidate to have personally donated money to an organization solely focused on stopping gay rights.

  3. Bill Perdue says

    The four state victory for equality was impressive. It was a decisive repudiation of all that the Clinton’s, Bush’s and Obama stood for in relation to equality. But the motherload remains repeal of DOMA. Until that happens marriage equality and the 1100 or so federal rights and benefits (*) that come with equality are just a theory for most.

    Even more important to our lives is the passage of a robust ENDA or even better, an inclusive civil rights amendment.

    The election or defeat of Obama or Romney is a non-story and immaterial to the fight for equality. They’re our enemies and both are enemies of working people, the Bill of Rights, unions and the fight against wars of aggression.

    (*) “In 1997, the General Accounting Office of the Federal Government compiled a list of 1,049 rights and benefits which were related to civil marriage. In 2004 they did an update and found there were 1,138 rights. The list includes thirteen categories of rights and benefits, including:

    •Social Security and Related Programs, Housing, and Food Stamps
    •Veterans’ Benefits
    •Federal Civilian and Military Service Benefits
    •Employment Benefits and Related Laws
    •Immigration, Naturalization, and Aliens
    •Trade, Commerce, and Intellectual Property
    •Financial Disclosure and Conflict of Interest”

    thanks to

  4. Keppler says

    Now we need to hold Romney to his most important campaign promise, made through Ann – that if he lost the presidential election, he’d be through with politics. Let us pray….

  5. Johnny says

    Try the most disastrous night in American history. Gas lines today, Americans on foot very soon. The worst is just around the corner. Hope is NOT a strategy. The fraudulent snake oil salesman remains. Why?

  6. EchtKultig says

    Sorry little brain dead republican troll…nobody is going to listen to you here. You might not have heard – you lost the election. Now scram.

  7. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Martha Garland: The history-phobic Republicans don’t like to remember their declarations of landslides for lesser victories. I guess to them, landslides are only for their side (which, of course, includes Brian Brown).