Towleroad Talking Points: Gaydar, Mitcham and Boo-Boo

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A look back at today's top stories


A horrifying report from a homeless man who was beaten unconscious in a homophobic assault at the camp in which he lives. Disgusting. Equally sickening is news out of Uganda where the Speaker of the Parliament wants to pass the "kill the gays" bill by Tuesday. Also, London's top court has ruled in favor of a man who was punished for anti-gay comments he posted to his Facebook. 



Olympic diver and all around super cutie Matthew Mitcham is releasing an autobiography and in it he drops the bombshell that he was at one point addicted to crystal meth

Ellen took some time on her show Wednesday to figure out what exactly "gaydar" is and why we need it. I take a certain level of pride in mine. In case you missed it, Ty Burrell and Matthew Broderick did some serious male bonding on this week's Modern Family

Trailer_lincolnAfter Tony Kushner offered his thoughts on whether or not Lincoln was in fact gay, he and most of the Lincoln cast took the film to the White House last night for a screening with the President. Mr. Kushner told reporters that Obama seemed moved by the film. I was lucky enough to accompany my mother Sally Field, who is one of the film's stars, to the screening and can certainly attest to its success with the President. Though I might be biased, I really recommend everyone goes out and sees it when they get a chance.



Jon Stewart laid into Bill O'Reilly about his whining about the end of "traditional America" and the world sitcoms in the 1950's promised it would be. 

Also check out this shocking footage of water surging into a PATH station during Superstorm Sandy


  1. snowisfuns says

    Sam Greisman, homo&lesbian sexual behaiors are comparable to drug junkyism and DRUGS ARE GAY as METHEW Wayne Shepard. It’s good to be homophobic just as it’s good to be against drug junkyism. They should abolish sex change maimings or mutilations and transexuals are worse than the homos.

    With the Tennesse gay bashing case, we’re only hearing the gay’s side of the story -while it’s possible the homo’s story is true it’s also possible homo committed crime before he got hit. It’s possible that the gay was asking others for sex in bathroom before he was bashed & if this is what happened, then no sympathy for the homo. But with ‘gay bashings’ if a homosexual is going to be antisocial such as if a homo is going to ask other men for sex in bathrooms, if a gay is going to repeatedly propose after a man said no or if a gay is going to pinch a man’s butt or groin against will, then there’s no need for a man to tolerate this because the gay in these 3 cases is committing crimes and if a man in these 3 cases bashes or even kills gay, then he did so reacting to crime the gay did-whether the man’s reaction with ‘gay panic defense’ is justified or excess is a jury topic. With ‘gay bashings’ each case is different and must be judged individually.

  2. says

    Thanks for the update Sam. You must be incredibly proud of your mom. I predict another Oscar for her and Daniel Day-Lewis. The film is on our must see list. Sad tho’ that Spielberg couldn’t get at least one scene or segment alluding to Lincoln’s sexual orientation. What is America so afraid of?

    Push to have ALL funding/assistance to Uganda stopped or blocked. Someone please start an online petition demanding the US stop providing American money to the country.

    Matthew Mitcham is very lucky to have survived crystal meth. More power to him.

  3. Gary says

    Barack will only be remembered for one thing. He’s no Lincoln, although he might look good on the penny. Isn’t that being discontinued?

    Sally Field is timeless, from Gidget to bipolar Mary Todd Lincoln, she is always amazing. And unlike Obama, “we like her, we really like her.”

  4. Rob says

    So clear from CA Tripp’s study of Lincoln that he was nowhere near the heterosexual norms of his day. The historiography is even more important- how everyone reviewing Lincoln’s correspondence selectively skips every letter to Joshua Speed and Edwin Didrickson- longterm important relationships. Why skip them if they were just friends? Conservatives in History departments tend to write biographies (hagiographies), the liberals analyze concepts and movements more than people.

    Doris Kearns Goodwin says that everyone sees themselves in Lincoln- certainly true for the heteronormatives.

  5. Howard says

    The Honey Boo Boo portrait is pop culture at its best. I love it. By the way, I’ve only seen the show once and will never watch it again. It hurts my eyes and my mind. But the collage…brilliant.

  6. throwslikeagirl says

    LOVE the phrase,”Nelly Faggot Garbage”! Gives me something to aspire to. I wish to earn the right to be called that! I”ll buy that tee, too, Adama!

  7. Bill Perdue says

    Of course Lincoln was gay. Get a copy of The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln, by C. A. Tripp, who a sex researcher and protégé of Alfred Kinsey.

    This latest Lincoln is much better than earlier versions but makes Lincoln out to be anti-racist, which is not true and doesn’t explain his development from support for African colonization to support for the Thirteenth Amendment, which along with the 14th (citizenship) and 15th (voting rights) Amendments created a bloc of millions of new voting citizens who created the basis for Reconstruction. The Republicans betrayed them in 1877, ending Reconstruction and setting the stage for Democrat (ex-Confederate) control of the South and Jim Crow, a newer form of slavery, which hung on until the last decades of the last century, when it was replaced by the newest form of slavery – imprisonment of blacks under racist drug laws. “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. The book, which received the 2011 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work, presents the professor’s look at the U.S. prison system and the effect of the justice system’s policies on young Black men. As of 2008, the U.S. Bureau of Justice estimated there were over 846,000 Black men in prison, making up 40.2% of all inmates in the system at large.”

    The central flaw of the film is that it ignores the fact that the Civil War was the Second American Revolution, fought and won by small farmers, city workers and emancipated African Americans (including self emancipated African Americans). In spite of horrendous causalities and incompetent military and political leadership they won the civil war. Politicians, including Lincoln, responded to their victories, not the other way around.

  8. UFFDA says

    LINCOLN, just saw it and think that any call for gay content is trivial. It should be more than enough that the screenplay was written by a gay man, T. Kushner. And truly, Sam, your mother’s part was outstanding, especially her heartbreaking scene with Lincoln over her son’s entry into the war…I slid down in my seat and wept.

  9. UFFDA says

    Also, while I think any explicit reference to the extremely lame possibilty that Lincoln had a gay side would have been absurdly inappropriate, some reference to the many thousands of new Irish immigrant men who were all but forcibly conscripted to fight and die in a war far from their hopes for a new life in America (instead they got death) would have been hugely appropriate, say, at least an Irish brogue here and there among the men. That would have been real.

  10. Philip Wester says

    Whoa. I was totally expecting the “Sally Field is my mother”-comment to be a joke, but apparently it wasn’t. And you’re cute too!

    Marry me so that I can be related (by law) to the great Sally Field! Also, you’d probably make good trophy husband.

  11. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Rob and ScotsYank: What is wrong with the sentneces about the UK Facebook poster and Bill O’Reilly? Except for the fact that London has no “top court” (as pointed out in the post’s comments), the sentences are perfectly acceptable based on the facts. Yes, I would have worded them differently. So what. For what Sam is trying to accomplish with these summaries, he’s doing just fine.

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