News: The Smiths, Jason Brock, Elmo, Turd Blossom, Tom Cruise

RoadTurd Blossom defends his $300 million election night loss.

Road"We the people" petitions filed in 19 states to secede from the union.

SmithsRoadSmiths songs as Penguin Classic book covers.

RoadThe voice of Sesame Street's Elmo has taken a leave of absence after being accused of sexual relations with an underage teen.

RoadFlorida's first openly gay lawmakers  Joe Saunders and David Richardson make joint post-election appearance.

RoadNOM vows to take out revenge on Starbucks – in the Middle East: “So for example, in Qatar, in the Middle East, we’ve begun working to make sure that there’s some price to be paid for this," Brian Brown says in audio recording of the conference call, which can heard on the Independent's website. "These are not countries that look kindly on same-sex marriage. And this is where Starbucks wants to expand, as well as India. So we have done some of this; we’ve got to do a lot more.”

RoadJudy Garland's Wizrd of Oz dress gets $480K at auction: "Auction house Julien's Auctions says the gingham dress fetched the highest price of any item during a two-day auction of Hollywood memorabilia that attracted bids from around the world. The auction ended Saturday in Beverly Hills, Calif."

RoadThere's a Kennedy in the House.

RoadA pictorial tribute to recently-out Insanity trainer Shaun T.

CruiseRoadTom Cruise, transformer.

RoadHong Kong pop singer Denise Ho comes out at Gay Pride: "For many years, when I faced questions from the media, I always felt that sexual orientation is a personal matter, that there is no need to label yourself or tell the public. But in 2012 when one would expect more acceptance and progress (in terms of gay equality), I find that there is still discrimination and prejudice. I feel that silence is no longer an option."

RoadMale model fix: Kim Kraglund.

RoadSalon's Jay Michaelson predicts conservatism will embrace gay marriage: "My prediction is an ironic one: Same-sex marriage will prevail nationally not because of further liberal activism but because of conservative logic: specifically, gradual change, federalism and (gasp) the free market."

RoadRemember Me: Deborah Cox returns.

RoadGay man says he was threatened at a Vancouver YMCA and staff did nothing: "He said, 'You better watch out or I'm going to crack you. You listen, you fag, I'll crack you."

RoadAn account of Nate Silver's appearance at the Chicago Humanities Festival.

BrockRoadOusted X Factor contestant Jason Brock on how his sexuality may have hurt him: "I think that being gay is a wild card in itself. Like, when you’re gay, some people still aren’t okay with being gay. So there are actually people in the country — maybe a fair percentage, I don’t know how many — who think it’s actually wrong. So I wouldn’t doubt it if it does hurt [to be out on this show], in a way."

RoadMatthew McConaughey looking gaunt at LAX: "The 42-year-old actor caught a flight to New Orleans to start work on his new film The Dallas Buyers Club, in which he plays a drug taking, women loving, homophobic man who, in 1986 was diagnosed with full blown HIV/AIDS and given thirty days to live."

RoadHillary Clinton is a fan of decorating shows: "Her top pick is “Love It or List It,” in which a couple who are unhappy with their current residence gets to look at new houses while a decorator rehabs their old place. The plot arc is always the same, and in a way, it’s sort of Clintonesque. The redecorators find termites or a leaky furnace; the house search goes awry. Everybody’s upset! But after a lot of hard work and the final commercial, there’s a happy ending. 'I find it very calming,' she said."


  1. 99% says

    Really? An African American has won his second term as President of these United States and a bunch of redneck racists can’t cope with it and want to secede from the Union. I am so proud of this country.


    Of course, this will gain all sorts of traction in the void that is once again the Cable News cycle. Media, do us all a favor and drop the story. We’ve had enough wretched corrosion and division for one year!

  2. Francis says

    Sad about that Vancouver YMCA incident. Vancouver has a homophobia problem. Hopefully the attacker who had the criminal complaint levied against him is barred from ever going to that gym again. The fact he has only been suspended to this point is not OK.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, Lord, they want to sucede from the union. Didn’t they learn their lesson 150 years ago?

    Well, if they go can we use the US military to bomb the hell out of them. Let’s start with Kansas…no, maybe Oklahoma.

    (it’s a joke. Don’t y’all Kansas and Oklahoma Gay folks get upset)

  4. ratbastard says

    To the two Canadian dudes at the YMCA in Vancouver:

    PLEASE learn to defend yourself. There won’t always be ‘management’, police, mom, teacher, there to help you. If not, AVOID saying anything to someone who appears like they could kick your arse and would, even if they’re leaving their sh*t all over the place.

    It sounds to me like the Y acted appropriately right from the start. so why all the fuss?

    Stories like this just make gay men seem you-know-what.

  5. ratbastard says


    Most of our stateside military bases are located ‘down south’, and a disproportionate number of military personnel, including pilots, are of course southern men. If there was a second civil war, this time the north would lose. We’ve been neutered and metrosexualized, not to mention disarmed.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, Brian, but what side would they choose to be on during this current “Great Rebellion”? The United States, or the Dirty Traitorous Rebels? (Actually, I wasn’t referring to rebel states. I’m referring to the current most anti-Obama/anti Democratic Party states. But we’ll start with bombing Alabama if you like)

    All right, Ratbastard. Obviously, you are part of this secessionist movement. You’ve got 3 months to get out of Boston and hightail yo’ azz to to Alabama. Bye.

    And don’t they have nuclear facilities in Nevada (a blue state)?

    And don’t count on Texas or Arizona to stay with you rebels for long–nobody is gonna’ be self-deportating.

    Kansas was in the Union? Well, what contaminated them?

  7. Phil M from Silver Spring says

    Instead of doing a show about home improvement or redecorating, perhaps Hillary Clinton should spend the next two years championing “House” renovation, with her husband helping out in the fundraising department. It would keep her in the public eye, build strong alliances, and help improve the House of Representatives.

  8. Daya says

    NOM and Mr. Brown in particular should make sure they keep up on the NEWS! The Delhi Hight Court decriminalized “gay” in 2009. Heck, all he has to do is use Wiki and find that there is a vibrant gay culture in all the Indian major cities, especially Mumbai, which has an equivilant of Hollywood (duh, Bollywood). Instead of fighting “gay” marriage they should be using their $$$ to support MARRIAGE, gay or str8.
    This just makes them even more “dumm” looking.

  9. Billy Crytical says

    If you can’t say no at the age of 16 then there is no hope for you. I think this person wanted to have sex with Kevin Nash. Now, years later he wants revenge for being wronged in some way and is now trying to use sex to shame him.

  10. Dback says

    On a completely superficial level (just to get away from the heavy stuff), Joseph Kennedy is one of the hottest gingers ever to walk God’s green Earth. The red hair, the freckles, plus RFK’s face, a strapping body…he’s like Christopher Reeve gone Irish. I’m sure he’ll be a fine member of Congress, but I honestly can’t look at him for 5 seconds without imagining both of us naked, sweaty and intertwined.

  11. Lymis says

    It’s not ironic that conservatives will embrace LGBT equality, it’s inevitable.

    There was a time, for all sorts of incredibly valid and necessary reasons that gay life was about things that wouldn’t resonate with conservatives – we had to embrace free love and sexual excess and a complete disconnect from mainstream sexual morality, because they were marginalizing (to put it insanely mildly) us.

    All the work that liberals, and libertines and sexual outlaws did (praise to all of us/them!!!) moved the frame so that more conservative gay values like love, family, commitment, marriage, retirement, etc, etc, etc could even make it into the discussion.

    Conservatives are not going to embrace gay sexual excess. But now the stage has been set so that all those things can be experienced as LGBT realities, and discussed as LGBT values.

    But no, we’re not all going to turn into Republicans, and no, those of us who have lived this part of gay history are never going to forgive. That’s where GOProud and the LCR go wrong – they don’t get to make nice and pretend the evil they did never happened.

    We’re still at the stage where Republicans consider it okay to pretend that our mere existence is still up for debate, and to declare that we are not only uninterested in, but actually opposed to things like love, family, responsibility, patriotism, and commitment.

    Once conservatives get over that, and realize that we exist and aren’t going anywhere, then they can start trying to win us over on things that ought to be conservative values. And they will, because all the things about us that the Christianist assholes and Tea Party bigots claim are true are rapidly being exposed as lies.

    Conservatives will embrace our rights not because they won us over, but because we steadfastly refuse to cease to exist, and they will have to deal with that. Conservatives will support our rights because our rights simply are – and more and more, they have to face the abject hypocrisy of pretending they aren’t. They are the ones who are changing, not us.

  12. John says

    Conservatives will embrace gay marriage in the same way that the Mormoms embraced monogamy. The religious revelation regarding monogamy gave Mormons statehood for the Territory of Deseret. It’s a business decision.

  13. Diogenes Arktos says

    It was great to read about Silver’s appearance in Chicago: to honor a previous commitment while exceedingly tired so close to the election. It was good to hear that he speaks well off the cuff, and not just repeat for the n!th time his canned speech.

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