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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1272

'SEXUAL ETHICS:' Archbishop of Westminister's aforementioned comments on marriage equality.

SHARK ATTACK: Why I don't visit aquariums or Chinese malls.

RAISE THE ROOF IN THE 513!: Incredible Cincinnati traffic reporter Bob Herzog gets down on Fridays.

'JOLENE:' Miley covers Dolly.

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News: Richard Hanna, Mandela, Omega, Uruguay

1NewsIcon Glee and American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy and photographer husband David Miller received a very special Christmas gift: a baby boy.

GeorgeBush11NewsIcon 88-year old President George HW Bush remains hospitalized with a high fever after being checked in with a "bronchitis-like cough" before Christmas.

1NewsIcon 94-year old former South African President Nelson Mandela has been released from the hospital following his own health scare.

1NewsIcon  Uruguay's Senate has postponed their marriage equality vote until April.

1NewsIcon Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi like long, kiss-filled strolls on the beach in St. Barts.

1NewsIcon "White Christmas."

1NewsIcon Jay Leno throws a snowball at Chick-fil-A.

1NewsIcon Here is the first song ever recorded in space.

1NewsIcon After previously balking at the suggestion, Democratic NJ Assemblyman Reed Gusciora now says he wants to put marriage equality to a popular vote.

DOMAProtest1NewsIcon US Rep. Richard Hanna, a Tea Party backed Republican from New York, today announced that he opposes DOMA. "The simple fact remains that the federal government has a responsibility to ensure all legally married couples are treated equally under federal law," he said. Hanna is only the second sitting GOP congressperson to say DOMA needs to be repealed. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen was the first.

1NewsIcon Biogen, a drug manufacturer that specializes in multiple sclerosis treatments, will "gross up" pay to make up the difference for gay and lesbian married couples who suffer financial punishment under DOMA, the government's refusal to recognize same-sex marriage.

1NewsIcon British High Court judge Sir Paul Coleridge blasted Prime Minister David Cameron for pursuing marriage equality, something he calls a distraction that only impacts ".1%" of the population. "[Gay marriage] is a minority issue. We need a much more focused position by the Government on the importance of marriage," said Coleridge, who created his own non-profit to fight divorce.

1NewsIcon Meanwhile, Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps defended the Tories' equality push. Though some critics want to see a ban on fox hunting pass first, Shapps says they simply don't have the votes in Parliament; marriage is a much easier win, he said: "It makes sense to bring something forward if you think there's a chance of there being a parliamentary majority and at the moment there doesn't appear to be one... There probably is a parliamentary majority for gay marriage."

Downtondantrench21NewsIcon Say so long to Dan Stevens on Downton Abbey.

1NewsIcon Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka spent hours putting together a lovely train set for their son but he ended up just wanting to play with the broom. At least he's putting himself to good use, right?

1NewsIcon Les Misérables did big business on Christmas: about $18 million opening day and number one at the box office.

1NewsIcon DC gay bar Omega Nightclub had its last call.

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Michael Musto Covers 'Village Voice' As Angelina Jolie: PHOTOS


Above is Michael Musto portraying Angelina Jolie on the latest Village Voice cover. Below is Musto as "Tan Mom" Patricia Krentcil.

Both images come from the journalist's year-end review for the weekly paper. There's also one of Musto as Queen Elizabeth II. That's probably the most natural fit of all the character Musto portrays, but I have to give a hats off to Musto for totally nailing Tan Mom's facial expression.


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'Guardian' Poll Shows Majority Of Brits Support Marriage Equality


England's new year will bring plenty more debate about marriage equality, and Prime Minister David Cameron can rest easy knowing he has a majority of the country behind him.

According to a poll conducted for The Guardian, 62% of Britain's voting public endorses the conservative PM's controversial plan for marriage equality:

The ICM poll conducted just before Christmas found 62% of voters now support the proposals, with half this number – 31% – opposed. Most previous polls have found opinion leaning the same way, although the two-to-one margin revealed on Wednesday is particularly emphatic. An ICM online survey for the Sunday Telegraph in March asked the identical question – which expressly reminds people that the option of civil partnerships already exists for gay couples – and established a 45%-36% lead for the reformers.

Meanwhile, over at The Independent, a ComRes poll shows that the same percentage, 62, believes that the Church of England should be allowed to perform same-sex marriages. Cameron's plan would forbid them from doing so.

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Westboro Is Left-Wing In The Fox Nation: PHOTO


Fox Nation, a Fox News spin-off site self-described as "a new community where all Americans are encouraged to share, discuss, and debate," last week featured a story in which Westboro Baptist Church, the fringe congregation universally loathed for spreading its vile "God Hates Fags" lies at high-profile funerals, including those for students murdered in the Sandy Hook shooting, is described as a "left-wing cult."

This Fox Nation is a truly scary place, and while it doesn't exist in our reality, many of its followers have crossed over to our realm.

[Via AMERICAblog]

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In What Era Did Chuck Hagel Make Anti-Gay Comments?: VIDEO


On MNSBC this morning, stringer host and The Nation columnist Ari Melber helmed a round table discussion on whether Chuck Hagel's 1998 comments about Ambassador James Hormel being "aggressively gay" should disqualify the former senator from becoming the next Defense Secretary. Or, as some on the panel believe, whether Hagel's comments are from a different era and that his potential nomination should rest instead on his most recent foreign policy, like opposing the surge in Iraq and sanctions against Iran.

Right-leaning Mediaite offers a summary:

"We’re talking about someone who — objectionable comments aside or not, the Senate can consider it – someone who would be a change agent, and why won’t the president fight for that,” Melber asked his panel guests.

"His only truly objectionable comment was his comment on the gay community, which he made about one person who has forgiven him," said managing editor of The Grio, Joy Reid.

"And how long ago," laughed author Catherine Crier.

"Two years after Bill Clinton signed [DOMA]," replied New York Times reporter Nick Confessore. "It was a very different time in gay rights."

"Exactly," Reid agreed.

Mediaite's Noah Rothman makes clear what he thinks of this discussion's direction: it's just another example of MSNBC supporting President Obama.

Considering how emphatically the panel guests of Now attacked Mitt Romney back in May of this year for a poorly sourced report that claimed he and other students had forcefully cut the hair of a fellow classmate who turned out to be gay later in life, one could conclude that MSNBC’s dismissal of Hagel’s anti-gay statements are the benefits of his riding a White House trail balloon. After all, if 1998 was a "different time" in gay rights, 1965 is the gay rights equivalent of the pleistocene era.

But all sins are washed away in the glow of the Obama administration’s approval. Even the bigoted comments of a former Republican office holder. It’s a Christmas miracle.

"Poorly sourced"? Five of Romney's schoolyard peers corroborated the haircut story to the Washington Post; four of them identified themselves.

But, anyway, watch the video of Melber and company discussing Hagel's potential nomination AFTER THE JUMP.

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