1. Icebloo says

    I could not care less about selfish billionaire Anderson Cooper. What did he ever do for anyone but himself ?

  2. fuzzywuzznt says

    I’m surprised that the Dr. didn’t mention that melanoma of the eye is a possibility.One type can be fatal.

  3. Disgusted American says

    NO#30 to 45SPF on your face and eyelids – come on Anderson – someone as fair as you should know better

  4. Disgusted American says

    NO#30 to 45SPF on your face and eyelids – come on Anderson – someone as fair as you should know better

  5. says

    Someone with is complexion should never see the light of day. The Vanderbilt trust has been sliced and diced among the heirs to the point where is unlikely even to be a millionaire, except perhaps from his professional salary.

  6. Michael W. says

    Is he stupid? On the water, you have the sun bouncing back up at you–not just shining down on you…

  7. Bruno says

    Bruno voice: “Sunglasses. Heard of ’em?”

    Anderson has turned into such a little infinite drama queen.

  8. Darren says

    ICEBLOO..!! Seriously..WTF!
    I have to admit it doesn’t matter what the story is about there is always some bitter unhappy individual that feels it necessary to make us all completely aware of how unhappy they are.
    The age old saying ..” if you have nothing nice to say..”
    Follow it..there is really no need for your comments whether the individual “did” something for you or not.!!

  9. McCoysMarketNYC says

    A few years ago, I saw Anderson in midtown on a blindingly sunny day. I was tempted to tell him to put on some sunglasses.
    @Perry: That may be true as far as the railroad Vanderbilt money goes — but Gloria Vanderbilt herself made millions on her jeans and other clothing lines. She’s 88. Trust me: unless she leaves her fortune to charity, Coop will inherit millions.

  10. Bob R says

    When on the water or snow with bright sunlight you should wear polarized sunglasses or goggles. They’re not just for vanity, they can keep you from going blind…permanently. I really thought as a seasoned, professional broadcast journalist, you’d have more sense. Not to mention in a few years if you manage to avoid skin cancer, your face will eventually look like a well used football.

  11. Audi-owner says

    LOL You fags are so bitter and angry,for no reason. No wonder the young guys (wait,don’t you label every attractive young guy “twink” and mean it in the most derogatory way possible) don’t want anything to do with you and I don’t just mean sexually. Your miserable asses will be forgotten soon enough.

  12. says

    @MCCOYSMARKETNYC-Unfortunately, Gloria V. was ill-served by her manager/accountant during her jeans biz and ended up owing the IRS $$millions in unpaid taxes. She had to sell some of her residences to settle her debt to the IRS. I do’t think much was left over from that biz as a result.

  13. andrew says

    @Icebloo: Are you a total a**hole as your posts would indicate or are you just another poster trying to get attention?

  14. andrew says

    On a more serious note Anderson has such fair skin he should be concerned about sun exposure and deadly skin cancer. He should see a dermatologist regularly.

  15. John P says

    I’m Portuguese and I’ve lived all my life in Portugal (I’m 38 and live in Lisbon), and never heard of anyone with burned eyeballs… So, fellow americans, fear not our Sun :)

  16. andrew says

    @John P: Mabye its because most Portuguese don’t have the pale skin and light eyes like Anderson. Oh, say hello to my fantasy boyfriend and sexiest guy on the planet: Cristiano Ronaldo!

  17. jamal49 says

    I love the sound of whiny, embittered queens in the morning. It reminds me of…. never mind.

    @ICEBLOO Honey, get a grip! You wish you could be Anderson Cooper!

  18. Diogenes Arktos says

    I loved his comment regarding one of his medically disadvantaged photos being his new photo.

  19. Gary says

    Audi-owner? Give me a break. Now that’s an identity? The powers above work in mysterious ways. Anderson is getting a message. If he were really blind he’d be saying “wa wa” with Andrew Sullivan at the well. Just like Patty Duke and Anne Bancroft in “The Miracle Worker.” We await his near death experience. That will give him ratings.

  20. DW says

    I honestly like the guy, but he really is getting overexposed — and I don’t mean in a sunlight kind of way.

  21. Patrick says

    ………… LIKE HE NEEDS A MATCH,COM webpage…………………… I want a vanderbilt !!!