1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “”I think the best way to judge where my heart is is to look at the deeds that I have done”

    Deeds like signing an anti-gay petition? Did he do that because he “cares”?

  2. Linda says

    He’s with the Democrats because they’re winning. He’s 100% a hypocrite. Sorry, I got that wrong. I meant 200%.

  3. says

    Here’s what I hope he eventually does – Come Out, and as part of his coming out is specific, explicit and continuously vocal about the sociopolitical culture of anti-gay prejudice that led him to not only be Closeted as an adult, and republican, but one who actively worked against the rights and freedoms and wellbeing of LGBT people in America.

    i believe everyone is capable of their own redemption. but at this time in history what we need are these “formerly-straight-and-anti-gay-Conservatives” to make the rounds, talking about the effects of anti-gay prejudice, and what it all-too-often can reduce a grown adult to.

  4. TonyJazz says

    I don’t know if he is gay or not, but I do know that he should be very ashamed of his legislative history.

    It’s tough: would society benefit from his future involvement in politics? History so far says “NO”!

  5. WebHybrid says

    Lowest of the low, integrity wise. No, “the best way to judge where my heart is is to” keep in mind that he’s a lying, opportunistic, self-serving closet case.

  6. Mary says

    “we need are these “formerly-straight-and-anti-gay-Conservatives” to make the rounds, talking about the effects of anti-gay prejudice, and what it all-too-often can reduce a grown adult to”

    So I guess this rules out you advising Charlie Crist to read Towleroad and post advice about how to prevail over the anti-gay forces that he knows so well. I mean he’d probably be called a “troll” and be accused of being Rick’s new alias!

    By the way, Kiwi, I just saw your Youtube video “Playing with the Pitbull!” One of your best. But my favorite is still “The Happiest Dog in the World.”

  7. Ben in Oakland says

    I’ll tell you what, Charlie, not that you asked.

    When you work diligently to undo the damage you did, THEN I’ll believe what you claim is in your heart, or even that you have one.

  8. TampaZeke says

    I don’t see the regret that the headline refers to. He says he wouldn’t do it again but then goes on to say that the PEOPLE should decide which is EXACTLY what the petition did. I don’t see how this can be seen as anything other than restating his previous position but perhaps without his personal signature.

    He’s still disgusting and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure he doesn’t get the Democratic nomination for Governor of this state.

  9. Sargon Bighorn says

    Like others have said TOO LATE the damage is done. Take responsibility and work to make amends.

  10. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ TampaZeke,

    In 2010, only 1% separated the vote totals of Rick Scott and Alex Sink. And that was before he became one of the most unpopular governors in American history. In 2012, the Republicans are out of the governor’s mansion, which leaves us with the Democratic Primary. Alex Sink would be fine, but just so you know, the most recent poll shows Charlie Crist with a 21 point lead over Alex Sink:

  11. Musab says

    Another careerist politician that we dont need. We need politicians that will stand up for us, whatever direction the winds blow.

  12. niles says

    People need to respect his marriage and his rights to privacy regardless of what you busybodies think you “know” about his sex life. As for his overdue “evolution”, we should welcome it, instead of being small and bitter.

  13. I learn something every day says

    A Democrat is a Democrat and I’ll take that any day over a Republican. Welcome to the party Charlie.

  14. DC Arnold says

    Charley Limp Crist wasn’t any good as a Repug and now where is he gonna get the money to payoff the boyfriends past?

  15. says

    Sorry Charlie, the time to make a stand is when you speak from the heart and
    not from a closet! I guess its always better to be late, then never at all. Welcome to reality,
    and now is the time to admit for once and for all… that you happen to be gay.(If it takes one to know one… Charlie,You are gay!)