1. C.J says

    Surprised Oprah allowed it….her new network basically strictly employs homophobes. Known and very proud homophobes who tell their churches daily that being gay isn’t right or natural

  2. says

    Oprah’s OWN network is really no different than those really creepy Christian networks. If you ever have time, flip back & forth between the christian networks and OWN. You’ll forget which is which after a while. So much mention of religion, God, preaching, and from the same anti gay people employed by the Christian networks.

  3. Michelle says

    I often wonder why of all the gay friendly and just all around ALL-PEOPLE friendly, and very prominent preachers out there, why Oprah chooses to give a show to three who are on record as saying they believe being gay is unnatural and don’t believe in gay rights. It just makes you stop and pause. Would she give such a huge platform to preachers in Mississippi who are against interracial marriage? It sends a divisive message in my opinion. And when I once tuned in to her channel and saw someone who has been featured on this very site as an anti gay force, who now happens to have a program on the Oprah Winfrey channel, it makes me as a lesbian feel completely unwelcomed by her.

  4. says

    Thank you Sally!

    as for Oprah. Child please, she hasn’t been ‘gay friendly’ since she had an emotional break down over the Gayle lesbian rumors where she said it hurt her as if she were called a serial killer. I feel like her hanging out with the Tyler Perry’s of her circle has made her farrrr more religious than she used to be.

    I distinctly remember in all her shows in the 90s she challenged narrow organized religious beliefs, and was more spiritual based. Now you can’t tune into her network without having to be saved in every episode of every program. No thank you.

  5. Kim says

    Oprah is not anti LGBT Nate Berkus,Orman, Chaz Bono…Iyanla just help a lesbian reconnect with her father two weeks ago, there was a doc about a TG girl a few months ago on OWN.Lisa Ling has done five shows on LGBT community on her show.Besides Logo and MTV ‘s Made and True Life OWN has had more LGBT related shows than any cable network

  6. Jay says

    “It’s important to have a parent speak about racing [sic] a magnificent, proud,intelligent, funny, lovable, sexy gay son.”

    I think you meant “raising.”

  7. says

    wow, three troll-aliases in a row spreading some lies about Oprah, eh? are we angry she’s a woman or angry she’e black? 😉

    Anyway, Field is a treasure and her son is so cute it’s insane. *le sigh*

    rock ON, family!

    her words are the truth.

  8. Jay says

    Art Smith, you’re obviously clueless. When the hell did Oprah ever say that? Never. She said the lesbian rumors hurt her because it implied that she was lying, and she said she wouldn’t lie about it because that would imply that there would be something wrong with it. Check your facts!

    And, you CLEARLY don’t watch her show because she isn’t trying to “save” anyone (certainly not in the evangelical sense). In fact, she has challenged Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, and Ted Haggard (obviously) on their anti-gay stances. You may not agree with the fact that she’s giving them a platform, but she certainly isn’t giving them a free pass, nor is she trying to “save” anyone.

    And, when T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, and Rick Warren kowtow to the Jesus-isn’t-my-savior-and-I-don’t-believe-in-a-jealous-angry-God queen of New Thought, it says far more about their conviction, I believe, than hers. If anything, she’ll open their hearts and minds.

  9. Caliban says

    I don’t know….

    Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, and Rick Warren are hucksters and self-righteous religious ideologues so if you’re waiting for them to get enlightened, well, I wouldn’t hold my breath. They have their book of ancient fairy tails, the word of GAWWWWWD in preacher-speak, and they’ve gotten very very wealthy by doing exactly what they’re doing.

    So at that point you have to ask yourself, since this person is homophobic and unlikely to change, do they have any great wisdom to impart that it’s worth overlooking that? Not in my opinion. Their anti-gay preaching and politics aside, all they have to offer are feel-good platitudes and homophobia is becoming harder to overlook. It’s a little like saying, “You know, when George Wallace wasn’t screaming his head off about ‘n*****s,’ he was a delightful man to be around.”

    I doubt Oprah is personally homophobic but when you have your own network you are who you promote and those three are pretty dodgy.

    The Sally Field interview looks like it will be good though. When I saw the clip of her talking about her son, I couldn’t help but think how horrified I’d be at my mother calling me “sexy.” That’s right up there with passing around naked baby pictures.

  10. Rick says

    Hahaha I love how the first four comments are clearly the same person using different aliases. Said person has an EPIC ax to grind!

    Andy: I think it’s time you start linking comments to external accounts like Facebook or Google, as lots of other websites do. Cuts down on a lot of the nonsense and encourages people to OWN their wackadoodle positions.

  11. Alabama Dude says

    Oprah Winfrey let Rick Warren, who recently stated on CNN that gay rights are not real rights, to host a life class on her show. A life class.

    I find it deplorable. And that gays are sucking her ass above shows some of you have no shame.

    Dignity. Look it up.

  12. Duration & Convexity says

    I’m certainly not the posters above, and have been posting here consistently for four years now, but there is no justifiable reason for Oprah Winffrey to continually invite these heavily homophobic speakers as not only guests on her show but pillars of inspiration. It speaks volumes and she’s absolutely alienated me and my family with her recent choices on her network.

  13. says

    @ JAY

    How would you react to Ricky Martin having the Klu Klux Klan open his next show for him?
    And don’t argue for one second that there is no difference between KKK and Rick Warren. I lived by Rick Warren’s church. The anti gay signs he promoted his church members to put outside their homes in Orange County. The hateful commentary he shared about gay families in 2008. The comparisons to pedophilia he’s stated in the past. To give someone like that a platform, then give them a high-five and hug them followed by saying their presence changed their lives and their viewers lives at the end of the show is absolutely endorsing that person’s beliefs, all of their beliefs. If you’re implying that Oprah checked some of Rick Warren’s beliefs at the door. Then so too can Ricky Martin with the KKK.

    *and no troll here guys. I haven’t made a single post outside this handle. Go read other gay blogs and the outrage over Oprah’s decisions with these men as hosts.

  14. Jony-Jones says

    I like Oprah and respect her tremendously but even I can admit her judgment calls in having a Jakes or Warren so prominently shown on her telecast is shady at best, and ignorant at worst. She’s not an ignorant person, but damn if the people around her aren’t making foolish mistakes by branding the network and aligning it with such miserable individuals.

  15. LipstickDiva says

    I’ve noticed anytime Oprah’s name is mentioned here, a few posters with the same writing style get very defensive if everyone’s not praising her. Same over zealous fan or a PR group forced to make sure the Big O has her gays in lock step supporting her. Wouldn’t want us to question her ($) motives ($) would they now.

  16. A50Port says

    I never thought Opra hung the moon. Never got what everyone saw with her. And now seeing so many of my gay friends comments about feeling betrayed by her; thanks in part to her showing true colors with OWN, I can tell them to now have their own “A HA moment” and see the fakeness for what it was.

  17. Will Hoffman says

    I have never been convinced that Oprah is as big an allie of the GLBT community as many in our community do and have over the years. What’s the subject of this so-called Life Class – how to wrap homophobic bigotry in Christian niceties?

  18. Icebloo says

    As usual Oprah pays no attention to her white interviewee – preferring to look at something happening behind Sally. However if it was a black person being interviewed Oprah would be over the top friendly and would pay full attention.

    Anyone thinking Oprah is not racist needs to watch her body language when she is interviewing someone white and compare it to when she interviews someone black. Also see how many times she smiles when interviewing someone black.

  19. Icebloo says

    And while we are on the subject of Oprah…can anyone remember how vocal and involved she was the first time Obama got elected ?

    Notice how quite she was this time and didn’t help him ? It seems she didn’t want to re-elect Obama once she knew she would be made to pay her fair share of taxes on her BILLIONS.

    She is such a FAKE. I have always said Oprah is the Queen of Superficiality and Self Promotion.

  20. Icebloo says

    And while we are on the subject of Oprah…can anyone remember how vocal and involved she was the first time Obama got elected ?

    Notice how quite she was this time and didn’t help him ? It seems she didn’t want to re-elect Obama once she knew she would be made to pay her fair share of taxes on her BILLIONS.

    She is such a FAKE. I have always said Oprah is the Queen of Superficiality and Self Promotion.

  21. andrew says

    Oprah is a great American success story. Rags to riches on her talent and work ethic. I remember her giving one of her teachers , a white woman, a lot of credit for motivating her to aim for the stars. She is a wonderful human being.

  22. Cburg says

    Those trolls are just distracting from the epic cuteness that is Sam. Bah. Jealous biotchs. Also love Sally, she’s just such an inspirational woman. What a beautiful family they have.

  23. Ronbo says

    Oprah lost touch with reality the day she demanded that all of us throw away our jeans and go purchase new “stylish” clothes.

    More money than brains, I suspect.

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