Florida Voters Slightly More Supportive Of Marriage Equality

FloridaPCThe latest poll numbers from Florida show that though Sunshine State voters are warming to the idea of marriage equality, they’re still pretty evenly split.

The survey by Quinnipiac
University of 1,261 registered voters found that 45 percent oppose gay
marriage while 43 percent support it. That’s a change from last May when
50 percent opposed same-sex marriage. The poll’s margin of error was
plus or minus 2.8 percent.

Meanwhile, the same poll showed that 52% of Florida voters remain opposed to legalized marijuana while 42% say it should be totally chill.


  1. ratbastard says

    Florida’s demographics don’t bode well for either legalized weed or gay marriage.

    Too many:

    Evangelical Protestants. The northern part of the state especially is still basically the deep south

    Latino Catholics [especially in south Florida], especially newer immigrants, whom are very conservative on these issues vs American Catholics

    LOTS of really elderly folks. Enough said.

  2. Acorlando says

    Unfortunately, it will take a 60% majority to get the 2008 anti-marriage amendment overturned. That’s why we hope SCOTUS will render a far reaching decision in the DOMA case.

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