Maryland County Clerks Reassigned Over Gay Marriage Objections

StmaryscountySome county clerks in Maryland would rather take a ride on Matt Grubbs’ gay-free trolley than give same-sex couples marriage certificates. From the Washington Examiner:

When same-sex marriage becomes legal in
Maryland next week, some employees in the St. Mary’s County Circuit
Court will stop performing marriages, passing the duty on to other

“There are some [deputy clerks] that have
voiced some opposition to doing it — [they have] religious feelings
about it … so it’s basically my idea that they won’t do any marriage
at all,” said Joan Williams, clerk of the St. Mary’s County Circuit
Court. “Some people are just very against same-sex marriages, and I have
to respect their reasons and their decisions.”

Meanwhile, some photographers are uncomfortable over “how to pose” grooms or brides of the same sex. “I’m a photographer by trade myself, and I’ve done
a couple of commitment ceremonies, and it is kind of awkward,” said John Zito from the Maryland Wedding Professionals Association.

He went on, referring to a photographer he knows who won’t work with gay or lesbian couples, “When you have two men, I don’t know how to pose them, and this
person [who won’t perform gay marriages] didn’t know how to provide them the same services [as he would
provide straight couples] if they didn’t know how to pose them.” What a marvelous cop-out.

Posted December 27, 2012 at 10:46am ETC by Andrew Belonsky
in Julie Bindel