Nebraska Woman Found Guilty of Faking Anti-Gay Hate Crime


Charlie Rogers, the Lincoln, Nebraska lesbian who claimed she was attacked by three men who broke into her home and carved "dyke" into her stomach before setting her house ablaze pleaded no contest and was found guilty, the AP reports:

Charlie Rogers entered the plea Monday afternoon in Lancaster County Court and was found guilty of the misdemeanor charge of false reporting. Lancaster County Judge Gale Pokorny ordered sentencing for Feb. 14.

Rogers also claimed the men spray-painted slurs on her walls. Her original claims prompted hundreds of people to gather for anti-hate rallies. The police later uncovered overwhelming evidence that she had lied.

Rogers faces a maximum one year jail term.


  1. andrew says

    “No contest”. She is one sick person. She should get some psychological counseling. Mabye then she can work with the local gay community to try to undue the harm that she has done.

  2. UFFDA says

    Is it possible that such people have any place in the world, she and so many others? My metaphysical philosophy says yes but I’ll have to look away until I understand. Far too much is still incomprehensible.

  3. Mary says

    Uffda, don’t let this disturb you. It is in no way a reflection on the gay community. Operators and con artists are present in every movement or segment of a population. I don’t know much about this woman, but it may be that she’s an essentially honest person who crafted a lie for a political purpose. Dishonest yes, but not unheard of. And not at all the same thing as doing this for mere personal gain. Politics can motivate people to do some pretty outlandish things.

  4. ratbastard says

    I’m not trying to mock this poor lady while she’s down, but she does have that classic bright eyed lunatic smile. Hopefully she gets the help she needs.

  5. says

    Mary, I have to disagree, these people do irreparable harm to the GLBT community, they cause the straight community who are on the fence about supporting GLBT issues to suspect all of us, she needs to get whatever the maximum sentence for her crime.

  6. Yupp says

    Damn right, Ratbastard. And there’s a long list of fake gay hate crimes too (which, for the thousandth time, are such insults to the victims of real anti-gay hate).

  7. Tanoka says

    Could y’all stop with the hate? It’s quite obvious that this woman has some serious issues, like all the other people who make up crimes in order to get attention. It’s like Münchausen, I think. The need for sympathy and being a victim.

    It’s hurting the LGBT cause, yes. But unless that was her goal you shouldn’t make her a villain.

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