1. Keith Clardy says

    I’m sorry, but am I the only person who didn’t follow a second of that because they got sucked into Chris Pine’s dreamy blue eyes?

    Following a second viewing, I’m still convinced that Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain is Gary Mitchell.

  2. says

    As much as I agree that there SHOULD be one, Andy, and as much as I WANT there to be one, the truth is that there is no colon in the title. It’s just “Star Trek Into Darkness.” “Star Trek” is being used as a verb. I can’t imagine why anyone would consider that a good idea.

  3. Moz's says

    definetly Khan/wrath of khan reboot….. with the clip of kirk putting his hand on the glass with spock’s hand on the other side = reactor room

    & cool on the danger coming to earth, ST old school villans and aliens were idiots for not striking at the core of star fleet = earth and vulcan though the borg did try, the klingons etc never did

  4. Bob R says

    As is so common with these things it seems like I’m either a day late or a dollar short. The video is no longer available. Paramount must not want the film promoted.

  5. Rrhain says

    No, this is rumored to be a retelling of Gary Mitchell (“Where No Man Has Gone Before”). That’s the episode where the Enterprise finds a data recorder from the Valiant which had apparently crossed the Galactic Barrier (which is a bad thing to try). The Enterprise follows, nearly gets destroyed, and Gary Mitchell starts to display psychic powers. He eventually achieves god-like abilities and turns evil. Dr. Elizabeth Dehner apparently also got a power boost, but hers happened more slowly, and she fights Mitchell to allow Kirk to trap him and let the Enterprise escape.

    Interesting to see if it’s either or neither.

  6. Eric says

    This reminds me of the news released earlier this month that movie studios and their agents had asked Google to remove legitimate copies of their own films, their official Facebook pages, and Wikipedia entries, as well as movie reviews in prominent newspapers:

  7. Michael says

    Moz’s you idiot, this trailer makes it absolutely clear that this movie will be about Gary Mitchell. Cumberbatch is wearing a Starfleet uniform and you can even see his disclolored eyes. Yes, that one brief scene recalls a scene from Khan, but it is obviously thrown in there to confuse people and get them buzzing. That is how JJ Abrams does his marketing. If it were really a Khan reboot, they absolutely would not be showing that scene in the trailer.

  8. Peter says

    If you watch the Hobbit in Imax 3-D, they show a 5-10 minute clip of this movie before the Hobbit. Or at least they did at the theater in Seattle that I went to.

  9. Moz's says


    I didn’t notice the eyes and will have to re-watch, thanx though for being the epitome of humanity in pointing out I should have looked at his eyes in such a caring and helpful way

    snark off, in truth you need a nap and or an enema

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