Towleroad Talking Points: The NRA Speaks



A look back at today's top stories


After promising "meaningful contributions", the National Rifle Association finally addressed the public today, a week since the shootings in Newtown. It turns out the only meaningful thing to come out of Wayne LaPierre's press conference was when he was interrupted by a protester. Want to know more about the NRA and feel that your stomach can handle it? Jason Bellini of The Wall Street Journal offers a brief history of the group

First Lady Michelle Obama has reached out to the people of Newtown with an open letter published in the Hartford Courant in which she expresses her sympathies. Also her husband Barack responded to petitions for stricter gun control, saying in part "we hear you"

As expected Hillary Clinton's replacement as Secretary of State will be former presidential candidate Senator John Kerry. Shockingly, and thankfully, John Boehner's 'Plan B' has suffered an embarrassing failure




On last night's Rock Center former First Daughter and marriage equality advocate Chelsea Clinton took some time to grill Pastor Rick Warren. Unsurprisingly he didn't budge. Looking to avoid political hot water, former Senator Chuck Hagel apologized today for anti-gay remarks he made in 1998. One very unapologetic man is Pope Benedict XVI who today tweeted, yes the Pope tweets for some reason, that gays deny human dignity

In good news, Julius, New York City's oldest gay bar has been found eligible to qualify for National Landmark status



In a very moving tribute to the victims of last week's shooting in Newtown, The Los Angeles Gay Men Chorus performed a hauntingly beautiful rendition of David Bowie's Peace on Earth

On a much much lighter note, Paul Rudd stopped by Anderson today and tickled Cooper with his pickle


  1. Richard says

    Guns do not kill. People with guns kill. The shooters who kill innocent people are taking psychotropic or psych meds and killing innocent people. The real criminals are the psychiatrist who give these psychotropic drugs to people who then go crazy as a result of the psych meds and kill people. Not too long ago we did not have all of these psych meds and we also did not have killings like this going on.

  2. says

    actually, richard, you didn’t have average civilians arming and stockpiling semi-automatics, either.

    stop with this “guns don’t kill, people with guns kill” nonsense.

    your country has a gun violence epidemic, and a gun-culture that worships it. remember how the football-loving culture led certain High Up people to ignore certain child rapes at a certain nothern university?

    yeah, well, american gun culture’s defenders are equally guilty – another day, another massacre, and another reason to hold your guns close and cry like idiots rather than put yourselves in the shoes of those who lost family members.

    wise up.

    oh, and ROCK ON JULIUS’!!! one of my fave hangouts in NYC. fun staff, good booze, rad jukebox, and BURGERS!

  3. Diogenes Arktos says

    Responsible research points concludes there is no correlation between mental illness (regardless of treatment) and gun violence. It’z time to stop being a Scientologist.

  4. TonyJazz says

    Your correlation may be right, Diogenes.

    But I’ll bet there is a correlation between men with small penises and men with guns.

    And certainly small minds = small penises, too.

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