Posts from January 21, 2013

Gay and Lesbian Band Heads to Inaugural Parade: PHOTO


The Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps is one of the regional bands that will make up part of The Lesbian and Gay Band Association which is marching in today's inaugural parade. Here's a cute photo of them shot this morning by Mike Szabo of th…

Five Years of Barack Obama – a Time-Lapse: VIDEO


Chicago-based artist Jeremy Tubbs has created, from 2,500 photographs of the President from January of 2008 to December 2012, a time-lapse which shows the effect the office has had on Obama physically and emotionally. Watch, AFTER THE JUMP……

Watch LIVE: The Inauguration of President Barack Obama


VIDEO: Obama calls for gay equality, cites Stonewall in address.WATCH: Gay poet Richard Blanco recites inaugural poem.PHOTO: Gay and lesbian band heads to parade.VIDEO: Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson perform at inauguration.A POWERFUL MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.…