1. Paul R says

    I’ve heard that it’s a a good network, but nothing with the name Al Jazeera is going to thrive in the United States. Too many people are anti-Islamic.

  2. Markt says

    Al Jazeera is not run by “Islamists.” It’s a great news site. International news and science programs are great. It often has as many as 5 different opinions on the same topic. There are editorials by Americans, Israelis and Palestinians on the same matter. A major shareholder pushed his weight around after the Arab Spring so it has become a little less hard edged. Still I have learned that the Arab world has as much conflict inside as it does facing outward. If you want to understand what is really happening in the World’s areas of conflict, Al Jazeera is absolutely necessary.

  3. rjp3 says

    A tragedy Al Gore did nothing but buy an international news channel that was very important and popular – turn that off and introduce an unsuccessful channel – then make $100 Million selling it to an non-US interest.

    I do not believe there is not an audience for sane youthful truthful news — once he hired Elliott Spitzer and lost Keith Olberman it was obvious he was lost and not up to the challenge of producing quality content.

  4. rjp3 says

    I had a shred of respect left for Mr. Gore – most lost on after his divorce due to cheating with massage hookers – and being sued by legitimate massage services he treated like hookers. None left now.

  5. BenR says

    I think this is great. I’m not sure that it will be successful, but if it is it will show Americans that greater Middle Eastern culture is just another culture like so many others, and will actually take power away from radical Islamists who gain power by our irrational fear of everything Middle Eastern.

  6. Adam says

    I watch Al Jazeera America nearly every day – it is available on TimeWarner Cable in NYC. If you are interested in global news, it is a fantastic resource. Our “news” networks like CNN have devolved into nothing but screaming heads promoting their own interests and projects. BBC World News is only shown here in an hour-long digest show, so to have a truly international news channel will be great. Al Jazeera is great, so check it out online or on TV before spewing small-minded, prejudiced laments.
    Did anybody actually watch Current? I tried a few times . . .

  7. says

    I’ve watched it and it’s a good news channel; it gives actual news with great on the scene reporting unlike the garbage of Fox.
    It’s a pity that Americans cannot also watch France 24, or BBC World…….even China and Russia have their own Broadcasting Channels……..
    But these do not seem readily available here.
    I don’t expect Al Jazeera to be popular,in a country where legislation on trans vaginal probes is a serious issue, or where a dope can run for public office and talk about “womens’ secretions” or where adults seriously talk about guards with guns in schools or where a mosque cannot be built in downtown New York, or where a candidate dismisses 47 % of the electorate as self regarding victims and still gets 49 % of the vote.
    Obama was absolutely right about the clinging to guns and god, that hardly seems a fertile ground for listening to Al Jazeera reporting.
    you think Paul Ryan will watch Al Jazeera ? He’s still against contraception !

  8. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “I watch Al Jazeera America nearly every day – it is available on TimeWarner Cable in NYC.”

    You watch Al Jazeera English, not Al Jazeera America, because AJA hasn’t started yet.

    But how odd that Time Warner Cable will carry Al Jazeera English, but not Al Jazeera America.

  9. darkorient says

    Point proven, look at all the negative comments from people who don’t even know Al Jazeera. Isn’t that exactly what bigoted people do to us? Al Jazeera is actually great. People all over the world watch your CNN and still live, you Americans should open up more.

  10. says

    I don’t understand objections to Al Jazeera. Is this one of those “I hate it because it has a foreign-sounding name” things?

    Is Trump, along with a few million racists, gonna demand to see Al Jazeera’s birth certificate?


  11. Diogenes Arktos says

    Has anyone on this internet blog heard of the internet? C’mon guys, we can watch/read appropriate other news outlets on the internet and shouldn’t have to watch TV versions of them.

    @JackFknTwist: small correction – Romney ended up with 47% of the popular vote (to the nearest whole percent). I think it’s called Karma.

  12. Redebbm says

    I’m conflicted. I love the Stephanie Miller Show, and the news cycle needed a progressive voice. However Current was not gaining traction outside the SM Show. Al Jazeera is a good news source based out of Qatar, an U.S, ally. They deliver award winning coverage and don’t get caught up in pundit news. Fox will pander to its bigoted audience though and we need to not let ourselves get caught up in that, unless their are just trolls on our site that will continue to ramble on. We should welcome good informative news, to compete against FOX, CNN, and MSNBC. However it’ll be interesting to see how they transition. the SM Show is one of the highest rated shows and the audience will probably leave if they replace the content in the morning hours when it’s on putting the channel into a predicament it found it’s self in a couple years ago.

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