1. UFFDA says

    Barney is the perfect man for this story and the stage because his own story is itself so dramatic. What a great Congressman he has been!

  2. Bingo says

    The just proves that Barney realizes he is not going to become the next US Senator from MA next Tuesday or Wednesday.

    That’s a good thing. His presence in the Senate would just drive more marginal MA Dems and independents into Scott Brown’s camp.

  3. andrew says

    I hope that the Obama people have already let Gov Patrick know that they don’t want Barney in the Senate to cast a vote against Obama’s choice for Sec of Defense Chuck Hagel. Hopefully Sheldon Adelson, the multi billionaire gambling tycoon, will be as unsuccessful at stoping Hagel as he was at supporting Gingrich and then Romney.

  4. ratbastard says

    I know it’s unpopular to say this on here, but I despise Frank. I really do. The man on a personal level is a pompous, obnoxious pr*ck.

    And no, he is not ‘Brilliant’.