1. Mike in the Tundra says

    I really don’t like the show, but I watched it just to see him. He’s very lickable.

  2. Don says

    I wanted to like this show – but it is way too preachy for me, and I am in the choir! It has a talented cast. I think the problem is the wretched writing/”character development”. It had an OK start in episode 1, but just went downhill from there. After the atrociousness of last night, I removed it from my DVR. I can see skin on the internet whenever I want.

  3. danswon says

    My god he is just the most perfect looking man in every way. Especially in that bottom picture *faints*

  4. ColinATL says

    Don’t understand you guys. I love the show. I think it’s gotten better over time. Biggest surprise for me is Nene.

  5. Jack says

    All I could think is Wow, Matt Bomer is really short. IMDB puts him just under 6 feet, but there is no way he is that tall.

  6. Ken says

    Haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, but I like this show though it does get too preachy at times.

    Best scene of all was in an episode featuring Cheri Oteri. She should be in the cast instead of featured in one scene in one episode.

    I particularly like the naturalness of the PDA between the two main characters, something missing from many (all) other shows featuring gay couples.

  7. Hans says

    @Jack – had pleasure of meeting Matt last year and had pic taken with him. He is not short, really is 5.10/11 – I am 6.1 and pretty much eye-eye. Andrew must be tall. Matt was perfect in this as the ‘super-gay’

  8. SG says

    @Jack: Er, yes, Bomer is “that tall.” I know people who’ve met him, and they all attest he is around 5’11” to 6′ tall. Obviously if he’s acting with other, considerably taller actors, they look taller.

  9. Mike says

    Matt was off the hook hot in that episode. I enjoy the series but I also agree that the preachy side of it is a bit of a turn-off…especially when Ryan Murphy wants to educate us on politics.

  10. Thomasina says

    I’m sorry–was there a message? or other actors? or a television show? I just saw the impossibly gorgeous Matt Bomer and heard the choir of angels that follows him wherever he goes. Tell me again why this exemplar of human perfection is not playing (the non-animated) Superman?

  11. Paul R says

    I’ve never heard of that show and it looks pretty awful, but Matt looks pretty damn good. His husband is a lucky man. I wonder how much time Matt spends at the gym, because I cannot imagine how much effort it takes to get a body like that.

  12. Uriah says

    Seeing Matt Bomer star as Bryan’s ex was a great way to begin 2013 for The New Normal. I couldn’t catch the show last night because I was working late at DISH. My DISH Hopper uses the PrimeTime Anytime feature to automatically record all four major networks during prime time. I would have missed The New Normal otherwise. With all the shows returning for the new year, it sometimes gets difficult remembering to set up recordings, and gladly I don’t have to do that anymore.

  13. GregV says

    Matt Bomer was great (and super-hot) last night. The storyline of his falling in love with the neurotic man from the surrogacy agency (who had shared NO chemistry with him at dinner) at all was not plausible, though.

    I was also a little taken aback by the cheap shot at intersexed people. (The 10-second cut-away scene after the word “loser” was an androgenous man saying, “I learned at age six that I was intersexed.”)
    Intersexed people are virtually invisible on TV (FAR less visble that gay women and men, bisexuals or even transgendered people).
    I can imagine what it would be like to see your identity represented on TV once in a blue moon, and then only to serve as an example of a word like “loser.” (In fact, it was not long ago that gay men were in that position, so Ryan Murphy should know better.)

  14. Brian in Texas says

    @ GregV

    I noticed that too and was a little shocked. It would be like calling someone born with no legs a loser.

  15. Lazlo says

    I like a lot of what Ryan Murphy has done/created but this show is just tired and insipid. Ugh. Matt B. stunt casting and Willam Belli cameo did not save this episode. Nene Leaks isn’t bad though.

  16. Buster says

    I have to think that the moment where Mr. Rannells character is drooling at Mr. Bomer’s abs was the least amount of acting he’s ever had to do. (Though personally, I preferred the earlier scene where Bomer was doing sit-ups on the gravity machine.)

    As for the show, it is often dumb and preachy and cartoon-y in it characterizations. Ryan Murphy is never going to be the progenitor of quality programming. But (1) it is SO much better than what I expected after Glee and (2) it gives us, to my surprise, one of the better representations on tv of what an adult gay relationship actually feels like (even while each of the characters in it are more than a little misdrawn.) So I find myself watching it and actually enjoying moments in amidst the dross.

  17. keith says

    it beats reality crap like the real housewives of whatever and honey boo boo. actually, it’s pretty good and seeing two gay men show affection with each other is a good thing, when most shows, modern family included, neuter their gay characters.