1. Bill says

    A wholly unjustifiable cruelty that says so much about so many.

    My condolences to you, Sgt. Tracy Dice. And my sincere thanks for your service.

    You deserve to have fought for better.

  2. jtramon says

    Since same-sex marriages are not federally recognized, benefits cannot be paid. Unfortunately that’s the way it is right now.

    However, things are moving quickly and time will tell how the supreme court decides the cases in front of them. It is only a matter of time before partner benefits/social security payments etc are addressed.

    Lets all keep our fingers crossed that we win these rights soon

  3. kpo5 says

    I look forward to Scalia’s minority opinion as to why this blatant discrimination is A-OK.

    You really have to be a terrible person to not want DOMA to die.

  4. Francis says

    Unbelievably horrific. Land of the free my ass. But DOMA is luckily likely in it’s last dark days. With that being said, Obama should be doing something in the meantime beforehand and I’m not particularly pleased he won’t/isn’t.

  5. Joe in CT says

    I agree completely with Bill.

    I don’t know see how any American, Republican or Democrat, can justify unequal treatment for military spouses in a case like this, yet Republican leaders continue to defend and try to justify DOMA. This story needs much wider exposure.

  6. jamal49 says

    If Chuck Hagel were to speak out forcefully in favor of this soldier and her right to receive death benefits, then I will support Mr. Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

    This is an outrage and another example of the hurdles we face due to DOMA and conservative, GOP, christian-based bigotry.

  7. Michael Bedwell says

    WRONG! It is simply NOT TRUE that DOMA, as bad as it is, prevents a same-sex partner from receiving ANY survivor benefits. SLDN has quoted the Pentagon’s identification of the following benefits because their recipient is “service member designated,” and, in fact were available BEFORE repeal:

    • Beneficiary of Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI) and Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI) payments
    • Receipt of unused contributions from Post Vietnam-Era Veterans Assistance Program (VEAP) and the Montgomery G.I. Bill Death Benefit, as long as the person is also designated as an SGLI beneficiary
    • Beneficiary of Thrift-Savings Plan (TSP)
    • Retirement annuity under the SURVIVOR Benefit Plan (SBP), as long as the service member is not in an opposite-sex marriage and does not have a dependent child
    • Beneficiary for Death Gratuity and Beneficiary for Unpaid Pay/Allowances on DD Form 93.

    OF COURSE, we must fight for the end of DOMA but telling gay military couples NOTHING is available to them is irresponsibly cruel.

  8. Rattoo says

    Obama is a despicable, whining little man. It sickens me to even call him a president. Of all the billions of dollars in fraud and waste in government he could have cut, the President had to pick on dead Vets. Of course, Obama did this to punish Vets and their families, because they did not vote for him. May Democrats rot in hell for their sickening actions and anti-American political party.

  9. 1♥ says

    And the troll above, RATTO, fails to mention it wasn’t Obama’s decision on what gets cut on the shut down and RATTO also doesn’t mention that his party hates Gay vets with a passion of a thousand burning suns

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