1. anonymous says

    This line of “attack” amazes me. If the makeup of Obama’s cabinet is so non-diverse as of today, it’s only different BY ONE PERSON so far from the 1st term which no one complained about. So far he has named 4 new people. 3 new white men replaced 3 previous white men. So, NO DIFFERENCE at all. He replaced 1 white woman with one white man because the republicans wouldn’t let him replace the white woman with a black woman. So, Obama’s intent was to INCREASE the diversity of his cabinet. But, he wasn’t allowed to. And, now the media is making it sound as if he has gone through his entire cabinet and replaced all the women and minorities with old white men. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    His new cabinet as ONE LESS WOMAN and the SAME NUMBER of minorities as it previously had. If it’s a problem now, then it should have always been a problem. And, it’s a problem created by those who blocked the appointment of Susan Rice.

  2. says

    I love how Faux News has to reach and spin in order to put anything on the air.

    The network that was dedicated to crucifying the Dixie Chicks a decade ago has spent the last 4 years promoting anti-President sentiment.


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