Fantasia On Gay Instagram Kerfuffle: ‘I Don’t Judge Anyone’

Barrino2Singer Fantasia Barrino has released a personal statement, as opposed to that publicist's statement, about that Instagram post in which she suggested marriage equality proves the world has gone mad.


It has been brought to my attention that something I said was taken out of context. I, Fantasia Monique Barrino, don’t judge anyone because I don’t want to be judged.

The gay community is one of my largest supporters. I support the gay community as they support me. Bloggers please stop misrepresenting the facts.

Is that that, as Barrino would like, or has the damage been done?


  1. JR says

    At no point did she say that she supports gay marriage, or that she doesn’t not support it… sounds like “I ‘support’ you, just as long as you don’t want the same rights as me.”

  2. CR says

    The damage is done. Apologizing after the fact is getting old. She took the time to type it out, it is what was in her head. Bloggers are not taking it out of context.

  3. AJ says

    Yeah. This is really sad. There is no taking it back. And it is NOT taken out of context. Until she states that she supports marriage equality I’m through with her. I liked her, too. I voted for her all the way through her season of AI.

  4. fafad says

    First off, she was using the gay comment as an example of her being judged harshly. She has always loved the gay community and has performed at gay pride in weho. She said GAY MARRIAGE LEGAL AND YET I’M JUDGED. Read people, read. I didn’t take it offensively, cuz unlike some people I can connect the dots. If you were true fans, you would understand were she is coming from. You queens need to calm down, move on, and move up…

  5. Eric says

    Even giving her the benefit of the doubt, there are a million ways she could have expressed her feelings without throwing the LGBT community under the bus with her statement. Even with the benefit of the doubt, her statement reminds me of the old joke: “I don’t need to run faster than the bear, I just need to run faster than you.”

  6. says

    That “personal” statement is even worse than the “publicist’s ” statement.

    “It has been brought to my attention…..”
    “…taken out of context….”

    You’re history,…you’ve had your 15 mins.

  7. Kenn says

    So, it’s a “kerfuffle” if an female recording artist, that’s purports to be an LGBT ally, but if a male sports star said the same thing it would be, what? Most certainly NOT a kerfuffle.

    I’m not quit sure how something is “out of context” when you only have 140 characters to make your point.

  8. Blake says

    @FAFAD The good xtians are the ones who are judging her for her whorish ways, not “the gays”, but she attacks us, such an ally.

    Anyway, she was never an ally, she just took our money.

    Instead of defending herself on her own merits, assuming she has any, she tried to shift the focus to the NON-HARMFUL actions of consenting adults.

    Even smoking weed is in no way as negative, if negative at all, as having an affair with a married man, getting pregnant twice and murdering the first fetus.

  9. Bosie says

    gosh can we stop acting like bitches just becuase some bloggers need to make drama? seriously…its a free country!! we want equal rights then can allow other have their opinion….WHATEVER SHE SAYS HAS NO EFFECT ON MY LIFE…im still gay, still want equal rights…and i dont want jerks judging my thoughts…fck it.

  10. Dastius Krazitauc says

    There is a big part missing from these statements. Neither the publicist´s nor Fantasia´s statement addresses what was originally said. If her original statement about gay marriage was misunderstood, then why not clarify what she meant?

  11. William says

    BOSIE. WTF. if it doesn;t matter to you, why read it,or comment on it. It has nothing to do with Fantasia’s right to free speak you freakin’ potato head. It has everything to do with our (LGBT people) realizing that she does not support our rights and used her “platform” to throw us under the bus. And any sensible, non self-loathing gay person would realize that apologizing for her (let alone distorting the argument to support her) is idiotic. It’s quite clear.

  12. Qj201 says

    What she meant to say was:

    Weed legalized, gays getting married, but yet people judge me for sleeping with a married man, aborting his child, then getting pregnant again, having the baby and then being dumped by the married man.

    Yeah Tasia, we judgin’ you cause you have no judgment.

  13. Francis says

    At the end of the day, it really does not matter whether she was misinterpreted because she has said nothing to show she’s for gay rights. She has zero regarding her views on marriage equality. So until she does, boycott her. It’s that simple. And given the fact her gay fanbase is her biggest mainstream fanbase, we can pretty much end her career so it’s up to her to say something.

  14. Yeek says

    What the heck is wrong with judging people? A judgment is just a thoughtful decision that is made after seriously considering the available evidence. Sounds like we need more, not less.

  15. Cam says

    The Context is pretty clear, she is not a supporter of LGBT rights. She showed her true opinions and I think the court of public opinion should judge her harshly until she is able to make a sincere apology and meaningful contribution to LGBT equality that demonstrates a change of heart.

  16. hermes says

    she’s a flop(friend/lover of pat)robertson.if you go on the 700 club’s web site you can see she is one of many celebs who have made their support for the gaybasher’s “news” program/personal views. why all of you are shocked when this the kind of show she watches/endorses is beyond me. i thought her “flop” status was well known internationally.i guess now it should be.f u pat. f u floptasia.

  17. hermes says

    also she has been associated with the 700 club for years now i believe. other “entertainers” a.k.a. hatemongers are gloria gaynor,billy ray cyrus, charlie daniels,kirk & candice cameron,melissa & scott reeves,mandika(mandingo or whatever= another black idol bigot),patti labelle and the list goes on. i boycott anyone who does that show so maybe the rest of you should get you all think they don’t give pat $$$ to fight us here in the usa as well as in africa? our $$$ should never come back to haunt us.our $$$ should go to 100% pro gay celebs. buy lynda carter’s music instead. she basically called bush an idiot & has always stood up for us. go wonder woman!

  18. testington says

    Um did she get pregnant by some other woman’s husband? Perhaps she should just keep quiet when the ethics of marriage is being discussed and have a seat.

  19. culpa22 says

    Pretty clear what her “apology” says: I make a sh*t load of money from the young queens who buy my music and go to my concerts. I kind of forgot about that the other day…so oops!!

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