Gay Troops to Get Full Discharge Pay, in Settlement of Case Against Defense Department

In a settlement announced today, former service members in a class action lawsuit challenging a Defense Department policy that halved the separation pay of those honorably discharged for “homosexuality” will receive their full pay.

DadtThe NYT reports:

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, which brought the action against the Defense Department, the half pay was the result of an internal policy adopted in 1991. Troops are entitled to separation pay if they are involuntarily and honorably discharged after completing at least six years of service. Separation pay is calculated based on years of active service and the service member’s monthly basic pay when at the time he or she was discharged.

Said Laura Schauer Ives, managing attorney for the ACLU of New Mexico: “There was absolutely no need to subject these service members to a double dose of discrimination by removing them from the armed forces in the first place, and then denying them this small benefit to ease the transition to civilian life. This decision represents a long-delayed justice to these veterans.”


  1. Michael Bedwell says

    VERY INTERESTING TIMING, n’est-ce pas? After nearly FOUR YEARS of the Obama Administration refusing to do anything about this arbitrary and nakedly homohating injustice—INCLUDING their trying to KILL the lawsuit with transparently false claims the plaintiffs had no right to their pay—they’ve suddenly settled. [Kinda like their being FOR DOMA before they were AGAINST it]. Of course I would never suggest it may have something removing one more embarrassing thing historically homophobic SECDEF nominee Hagel might be questioned about, but will they now stop sending bills to discharge victims Dan Choi, et al., demanding they return so-called “unearned” pay—and reporting them to credit bureaus when they don’t?