Google Billionaire Sergey Brin Spotted Riding NYC Subway: PHOTO


Google co-founder Sergey Brin was spotted riding the NYC subway wearing a pair of the company's Google Glasses.

Tweeted Noah Zerkin: "Yeeeah… I just had a brief conversation with the most powerful man in the world. On the downtown 3 train. Nice guy."


  1. ratbastard says

    Yeah, he still gets a little elbow room. Unlike me, I always get sandwiched between two fat women like the one to the left of Sergey. And they usually have multiple big bags. By the time I get up, my leg has fallen sleep from the contortion.

  2. bravo says

    I agree with Ratbastard — I’m less impressed with his billions than the fact that he got a seat on the subway without being crushed. I once got so crushed that I wound up sitting on that raised ridge which marks the end of a seat. With that ridge riding into my asscrack and with the jostling of the subway on the track, I nearly had an orgasm.

    Since this is Towleroad, I’ll have to add the required line commenting on the attractiveness of a straight guy – he’s kinda hot all bundled up and hidden behind his Clark Kent disguise superglasses.

  3. Paul R says

    This seems like a staged setup. And those glasses seem like a terrible idea that would be on par with drunk driving, given that people wearing them would have real problems if they were in public, much less driving.

    And a $1,500 pair of glasses? No thanks. Glasses are too easy to lose or break. Enough people relentlessly use their smart phones. I don’t need them running into me because they’re paying even less attention.

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