1. Fahd says

    She knows how to get that negative attention – worse than a teenager, but she’s well over 30.

    As her father once said to her on her reality show: “I don’t care if [Kathy]works again.” He was the comic genius. She’s just trying to live up to his legacy.

  2. ratbastard says

    Nothing against Ms. Griffin personally, but she’s a textbook attention whore. She needs to do these things to stay well known and connected. And of course producers like this kind of stuff,too, because it brings publicity, curious viewers, advertiser revenue.

  3. arrant says

    Gay men who don’t get Kathy Griffin are fascinating creatures. Truly. You don’t get how freakin hilarious she is and you still like smoking bone? Really?

    I don’t get it.

  4. says

    what’s she expected to apologize for? it’s not as if she glorified the use of guns and/or semi-automatic assault rifles, which actually kill people, destroy families, and are harming America.

    oh no, maybe people will follow Griffin’s example and perform oral sex! or make JOKES about it!


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