1. Dan says

    Little heavy on the synth… and fairly mediocre. Seems more like an excuse for the singer to grope on that hunky fella than an actual video ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Todd says

    It’s a throw away song with a generic gay vibe. Guys are cute, but those looks are so played out as to be dated.

    I do appreciate people putting stuff out there. Also like being able to critic it given that they are asking for it to be viewed.

  3. Paul says

    If he’s going to touch his headphones one more time, I’m going to rip them out of his ears. A tad mediocre and yes, “Home and Dry” for the antidote. He should have used real (sounding) instruments instead of the sethin synths.

  4. Lucas says

    @TL1878. Agreed! He would come to my house so we can f*#k and snuggle. Can’t really say hello in the middle of Times Square :)

  5. BigUn says

    Lame, boring, mediocre music skills, no talent wanna be’s….nobody dresses like that unless they are ghetto trash, 2 really ugly guys…hairy and I bet they smell like BO……gross.
    Who meets in Times Square? Ewh…as if.

    This is why many Americans think gay men are deviant scum…they see crap like this and associate them to the majority of gays.


  6. Randy says

    I like the video. It’s still far more refreshing than it should be, to see someone include actual same-sex themes in a video. Do we even get one per month, of all the thousands?

    And I like the tune. I find the synth to be exactly the right thing.

    But I can’t understand the words. What does “your hardtop’s through sofa weight oh no oh oh” mean? (not joking, I don’t get it)

  7. BODHI says

    i’m kind of blown away by the nastiness of most of the comments here. i don’t know this artist or anyone involved with this video, but i think it sounds pretty decent for someone who’s self-taught and doing all this on a shoestring [at least that’s what i’m getting from his websites]. if i were him i would be gutted by these comments. seems to me that gay culture could be more supportive of its own by this point. i wish him success and fulfilment and growth. you too, guys.