1. Markt says

    Are you allowed to wear any of them with something other than ruffled boots? I think you need that music in the background whenever you wear one of the sheaths – otherwise you look like you’re wearing a table runner with matching chair arm covers.

  2. AggieCowboy says

    I realize it’s all a matter of personal taste and opinion. Tried keeping an open mind, but only found a couple of the looks passable (preferably without those god-awful rain boots), but most of the collection looked like it was designed and tailored to fit women…or a table, not men.

  3. Fensox says

    Every single outfit was horrible. It’s confusing to me, SO MUCH WORK was put into all that and all it needed was a tiny amount more. Clothes didn’t fit, music was wrong for trying to change someone’s mind, styling was wrong wrong wrong! No facial hair? What men are you trying to target?

  4. says

    Yet again, an artist approaches gender in the most superficial way imaginable! Folks, gender neutrality ain’t about the clothes! It’s something much deeper, far more spiritual. JW Anderson hasn’t got a clue; all he succeeds at doing is making his male models look silly.

  5. MikeSin says

    Any outfit that highlights men’s hairy legs is ok with me. All kidding aside, I find the draped trousers and the coat dresses, particularly the dark blue one, to be surprisingly wearable. Men’s fashion can be so limited that it’s refreshing to see unconventional options

  6. clydetoronto says

    Thought provoking! I love seeing something outrageous for men to wear. It is challenging to imagine seeing some of these outfits on the street but I would welcome the opportunity. Maybe legs are the new arms?

  7. scott says

    umm… maybe some of the short shorts ensemble- and the one with burgundy shorts and the black sleeveless coat was interesting. As a matter of practicality- the dresses looked uncomfortable and that one would be cold.

  8. Vlad says

    I can never quite understand why anyone of any gender would want to dress in a conventionally feminine way. I’m very happy sticking with my daily jeans, t-shirt, and hoodie uniform.

  9. Icebloo says

    This is truly boring and pathetic. Every few years one of these overpaid designers decides to make dresses or skirts for men and the media give them lots of attention. Nobody ever buys any of these clothes and they were only used by the designer to get some free publicity.

    Unfortunately it shows what a predictable world we live in – there is NO originality left at all. I remember at least 4 previous attempts (3 in the 1980’s and one in the 1990’s)to introduce skirts and dresses for men. These designers need to come up with something original if they want to try to shock us. This just makes me yawn.

  10. andrew says

    That was fun to watch. I needed a good laugh after a busy day. Hope those models got paid well. When someone makes you look that silly, they owe you a big paycheck.

  11. Paul R says

    My friend used to wear dresses, and he’s straight and lived in the ghetto. It wasn’t a cross-dressing thing, he just thought it was funny and was in a band. And he’s a construction worker. But from the pictures I’ve seen, his dresses looked better than these. His killer body helped.

  12. Steve call says

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  13. macmantoo says

    While wearing a skirt really doesn’t appeal to me, I really don’t see the difference between wearing a skirt and the pants hanging below a guy’s ass with their crotch down to their knees.

  14. SC David says

    Why do the models have such crappy posture and walk so poorly?


    I’d wear some of these. To a gay brunch. If it were April Fool’s Day.

  15. Paul R says

    She can’t expect to sell more than a few pieces. Some are OK, most are not, and the people who would wear them won’t be able to afford them.

    Having all the models with the same robot hair and (especially) awful boots was a big mistake. So they’re all different for wearing women’s clothing but completely homogeneous?

  16. Tarc says

    Heinously ugly, ill-fitting, unappealing clothing that neither men, nor women, not anyone else (in between or alien) would ever wish to be caught dead in. Ugh.

  17. J.D. says

    Short skirts on men would, as long as they were worn sans undies, be far more comfortable and healthy, and practical. Farting would be facilitated — barrierless and odor retentionless. Less ball and butt sweat would be generated and would generate less bacteria and odor. Fungus growth would be inhibited as well. Unfortunately, ugly and mishappen gents in skirts would show us unsightly flab, joints, folds, splotches, low-sagging scrotes, etc. with abandon. Better they keep that mess to themselves.

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