1. ratbastard says

    I’m shocked, shocked.

    And isn’t like a per-requisite for many successful entertainers to be at least bi, especially the females?

    God knows there’s plenty of bi and gay male rap, hip hop, and rock musicians on the DL.

  2. Matt says

    I like her as a person. She holds her ground while maintaining a fresh perspective. She is in her 20’s, a little intense sometimes, but with time I think she will rocket.

  3. Drew says

    Warrior is an awesome album.

    Great songs to work out to and just enjoy, unlike those from the umbrella-wielding-head-shaving goblin that shall not be named here.

  4. steven lucas says

    Oh, please, not another fake female bisexual using the bisexuality shtick to appeal to straight guys. Lord spare us!! It’s interesting that she didn’t say she was bisexual but used the word love in a general sense. More attention-whoring in my view.

  5. Pimb says

    But I thought she was “forced” to sing that POS “Die Young” song? Sounds like she doesn’t stand up for herself that well, then. She’s so full of it and just as fake as all the others- but less fit and obviously lying about her age.

  6. says


    Attention starved celebrity admits to being “bisexual”. News at 11.

    (Not to be confused with actual bisexuals, celebrities that claim to be “bisexual” really mean that 1) they’ve never so much as kissed a girl, but they’ve thought about it, or 2) they’ve kissed girls before, but it was because they were drunk and/or wanted attention.)

  7. GregV says

    The quotes above are all that the Secenteen website cites her sating on this issue. Unless she’s elaborated in the print issue, this does not necessarily mean she is bisexual. If someone dug up exactly the same words and attributed them as an old quote from Mother Teresa, no one would suggest she was owning up to being bisexual.
    The words she said could have meant something like: “I’m straight but I have a non-sexual love for my girlfriends and my little brother that means as much as any romance could.”
    I’m not saying that she isn’t bisexual and that she might not clarify that tomorrow. But it’s jumping the gun to say so when this is all we’ve got.

  8. Mary says

    So Keisha is bisexual? So are plenty of other women in America. Big deal. Does she expect us to get excited and say “Tick, tock, Keisha likes more than just c**k?” (sorry,…I know that was vulgar.) It sounds to me like she’s just trying to draw attention to herself. As Kiwi might say “Don’t play games with us, Keisha. Show us your bisexuality in a Youtube video. Prove it’s real, gurl!!”

  9. Pathetic says

    I agree with Steven – I’m so sick of these faux-bi female celebs who only date men, but think because they occasionally kiss another female that it makes them bi.

    It’s so lame.

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