News: Aurora, Bieber’s Blunt, Catholic Hate Group Petition, NZ

1NewsIcon Did you get a chance to see Betty White on The Tonight Show this week?

Maloney1NewsIcon Oh, look, it's anti-gay GOP House Speaker John Boehner with the new gay Congressmen Sean Patrick Maloney and Mark Pocan and their lovely husbands and families.

1NewsIcon There's currently a We the People petition demanding the White House to designate the Catholic Church a hate group because of Pope Benedict's repeated denunciations of gay people. Less than 2,000 have signed said petition, which was posted on Christmas.

1NewsIcon From NBC News: "The U.S. Supreme Court is set to tackle gay marriage in a matter of months, but legislative action this week in Rhode Island and Illinois shows that supporters aren't in wait-and-see mode. Buoyed by ballot victories in four states in November, they're now on the offensive in two more; wins would mean that more than 20 percent of Americans live in places that have approved same-sex marriage."

1NewsIcon Could the Supreme Court decision on marriage equality cases be 3-3-3, not 5-4? "Say, for example, that three justices vote to reverse on the merits,
three vote to affirm based on the 9th Circuit's opinion, and three vote
to dismiss the appeal on jurisdictional grounds. In that case, I would
argue, Proposition 8 is dead and same-sex marriage is once again
available and recognized in California. The result would be a brief per
curiam explaining the disposition of votes, and at least three separate
opinions – maybe even more than that – to chart the outcome. No national
precedent would be set in such a case."

Soccer1NewsIcon Are fans, not players, to blame for keeping European soccer players in the closet? From The Telegraph: "Part of football's appeal is its unreconstructed, largely masculine, largely working-class attitudes. It is easy to imagine that a gay footballer would dread the reaction at away grounds were he to come out."

1NewsIcon Almost 54% of New Zealand voters support marriage equality, according to a new poll. Only 38.1% do not. Meanwhile, with regard to the always controversial right to die question, about 60% believe a terminally ill person has the right to request doctor-assisted euthanasia.

1NewsIcon Justin Bieber with a blunt.

1NewsIcon Clueless photo shoot.

1NewsIcon Christians against yoga, one of the easiest and most effective forms of exercise in the world.

1NewsIcon Three people were found dead inside a home in Aurora, Colorado,
the site of last summer's deadly movie theater shooting, after local
SWAT officials shot a gunman who took them hostage. One hostage escaped
and called police, leading to a nearly six-hour stand-off.

1NewsIcon Either because
officials thought them inappropriate or because venues
backed out, about half-a-dozen gun shows within an hour drive of
Newtown, CT, where the Sandy Hook shooting happened last month, have been canceled.

Rictor1NewsIcon Peter David is the straight author and comic book writer who makes sure gay heroes Rictor and Shatterstar are prominently featured in the Marvel title X-Factor. Late last year David had a stroke, and he needs your help down the road to recovery.

1NewsIcon Here's Ryan Seacrest running around shirtless in St. Barts.

1NewsIcon Advice to President Obama.

1NewsIcon The return of the Coca-Cola polar bears.


  1. Mo says

    Terrible news about Peter David! I did some digging around for more info and it seems he is going to be OK long-term after some recovery. David has been one of the most forward-thinking writers in comics, not only “going there” with the decade-long simmering relationship between Shatterstar and Rictor in “X-Factor” but also tackling AIDS in his run on “The Incredible Hulk”. He’s also the funniest comic book writer I have ever read. Get well soon Peter!

  2. stephen lucas says

    The gay versus straight argument in soccer is fake. Most men are bisexual. The argument should be as to why it is still a stigma for a man to say that he has feelings for another man.

  3. ripper says

    Stephen Lucas = Jason

    He is arisen! And now that you know, you can go about ignoring everything he posts until Andy bans him again.

  4. anoymous says

    The law states you can’t discrimate against anybody’s religion and your discrimating against the Roman Catholic’s as hate group and making a petition

  5. says

    “The law states you can’t discrimate against anybody’s religion and your discrimating against the Roman Catholic’s as hate group and making a petition”

    How does creating a petition (whether it’s a good idea or a bad one) “discrimate” against anything? It’s called free speech. “Your” familiar with that, yes?

    And, yes, Jason changed his name recently but same old thoughts.

  6. Kyle says

    Sean Maloney and his family stand as a positive example of who DOMA affects right in front of the man who’s approving funding to defend the law in court. Beautiful.

  7. says

    Religion has been the single most destructive force in the history of man and it’s evil tradition continues unabated. Even if the White House can’t do anything, I still feel better after signing the petition.

  8. Miguel R. says

    Boy, was I disappointed when I clicked on the Polar Bear link (because I like silver daddies. With a belly. Nudge nudge wink wink.)

  9. andrew says

    Towleroad tends to beat the anti Catholic drum a bit too much. They should give equal time to the “sins” of Protestants and Religious Jews.

  10. Henry Holland says

    “Are fans, not players, to blame for keeping European soccer players in the closet”

    In general, players know when a teammate is gay and as long as the guy works hard and contributes to the team winning, they don’t really care, even if they have personal bias against The Gays.

    Fans, however, can be absolutely brutal. I’ve been to a bunch of football matches in England on my travels there (I’m a huge Everton fan) and the abuse that gets shouted at the opposing teams players is both funny and unreal. Unlike American football stadiums, the English stadiums are such that the players when they are on the sidelines are just feet away from fans and they hear everything.

    I was at a Manchester United match in the 90’s and the fans were brutal against Chelsea’s Graham LeSeux every time he touched the ball. Just really vile homophobic taunts and chanting. Why? Because LeSaux liked to collect art.

    I love sports, other sports fans sometimes, not so much.

  11. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Andrew: I agree. Perhaps Towle &c believe they are being balanced by posting about the foibles of the (overwhelmingly Protestant) Religious Right. In one sense that’s appropriate, because it’s getting so that the moderate Protestants are gay-friendly even if not quite supportive of marriage equality. (I know some people do not believe one can separate the two.) I think the liberal and moderate Protestants are congnizant of polls and the flight of people from organized religion and are acting accordingly – especially because Protestant denominations work from the bottom up. I know the Religious Right is also cognizant of the polls, but is proud to play the victim because of the defense of its purported historical stance.