News: ‘We Do,’ Zayn Malik, Italy, Outkast

1NewsIcon Anti-gay activist Brian Brown is in France trying to stir up more homophobia in the nation's debate about marriage equality.

GLF1NewsIcon Former Smithsonian researcher Tim Gold and his husband Mitchell Gold, of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Furniture, hope to open an LGBT history museum.

1NewsIcon The Campaign for Southern Equality will take its "I Do" campaign to Virginia next week, where same-sex couples will try to get marriage licenses to protest nuptial discrimination.

1NewsIcon Italy's High Court ruled yesterday that same-sex couples can adopt.

1NewsIcon The Vatican, predictably, is pissed. "Monogamous families constitute the ideal place to learn the significance of human relations and represent the social and anthropological environment in which the best type of growth is possible," bioethicist Adriano Pessina wrote in the Vatican's newspaper, clearly basing his argument on the homophobic assumption that same-sex couples are incapable of monogamy.

1NewsIcon The world's 100 oldest living Oscar nomineees.

1NewsIcon Dallas city officials recorded a 13-minute "It Gets Better" video.

1NewsIcon "Why Is NBC Sports Sponsoring America’s Largest Gun Show?"

1NewsIcon James Yeager, the man who promised to start killing people if President Obama tries restrict access to deadly firearms, has had his gun permit suspended.

Deathstar1NewsIcon Sorry, Star Wars fans, but the Obama administration says we can't afford the $850 quadrillion it would take to make a Death Star. Also, do we really need a device capable of blowing up planets?

1NewsIcon Hot: Outkast (Andre 3000 and Big Boi) got back together to help Frank Ocean on his track "Pink Matter."

1NewsIcon Paying it woofward: Dog teaches puppy how to walk down the stairs.

1NewsIcon Sorry, but Johnny Cash did not write a song called "I'll Have The Wine," though I'm sure he wanted to…

1NewsIcon Jeremy Renner shines fabulously at Hansel and Gretel premiere in Mexico.

1NewsIcon Happy 20th birthday to One Direction singer Zayn Malik.

1NewsIcon And congratulations to all the winners at the International Web TV Awards.

1NewsIcon Canadian Blood Services wants gay men to be able to donate if they haven't had sex with a man in the past five years. The AIDS Calgary Awareness Association says that's not enough: the entire ban must be lifted.

1NewsIcon A wonderful profile of openly gay boxer Orlando Cruz.

Stormycongress1NewsIcon Only one-in-seven Americans approve of Congress. Shocking, I know.

1NewsIcon Legacy: "George Prescott Bush is gearing up to run for a little-known but powerful office in a state where his family already is a political dynasty and where his Hispanic roots could help extend a stranglehold on power Republicans have enjoyed for two decades." That office? The Texas Land Commission.


  1. says

    Brian Brown has eight children. Law of numbers, folks. The chances are incredibly slim that all eight are heterosexual. The fear that his potentially-gay child(ren?) must live with every day is unimaginable.

    It’s galling that folks like him would prefer to attend their own child’s funeral than their wedding to a member of the same gender.

  2. Icebloo says

    Unfortunately the “It get’s Better” video recorded by the City of Dallas elected officials also includes the Mayor, Mike Rawlins, who SAYS he supports us but has actually stopped all pro-gay legislation from happening here. He also refused to sign a statement saying he supports same-sex marriage like dozens of other Mayors did as well as donating thousands of dollars to the Republican Party despite claiming to be independent.
    He is a terrible Mayor and a terrible liar. I can’t wait for him to be gone.

  3. Lonny says

    Has anybody notice that the Gay Movement or Gay Liberation Front was rising up to power when all of a sudden the AIDS virus was introduced into the gay community to kill off a large number of the young men who were in the fight to gain equal and Civil Rights for LGBT people? Take a look at the time line and you will see. Now imagine if someone who had access to making such a virus like in a biological warfare laboratory and they were anti-gay Christians who wanted to kill gays like some of them say they do today. Something to think about. How could you kill off your enemy and make it looked like a virus did it and that way you would not have to kill them using guns and being caught for doing it. In Africa in Uganda today they have a Kill the Gays Bill that makes that possible in case you think it can not happen that men can not get guns and kill gays because the laws of that country make it ok to kill gays. Hitler did it why not somebody else and today they have biological weapons that can kill and no one would know who did it only that they were being killed and with no one pulling the trigger there would be no shooter to arrest and bring to trial.

  4. EchtKultig says

    I’m trying to imagine Brian having a conversation with a french person who’s super leftist on every issue but gay marriage. Because they do exist there. Must be awkward.

  5. SoLeftImRight says

    Wait, there’s more than a typically Catholic homophobic assumption that same-sex couples are incapable of monogamy; they are also presuming (ludicrously) that heterosexual couples are at all capable of monogamy…or that it is in fact desirable.

  6. billmiller says

    I have worked with thousands of men and women over the years in heavy industry. Most of the gun holders have no permits, own several guns, and too damn many have the brains of a toilet seat! Generally I have found that a lot of gun owners have NO business having them!

  7. hornlongjohn says

    Who cares if we can’t give blood. To me, that’s like your mom telling you that you cannot clean up your room, but if you need a clean room, use mine. Uhh-ok

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