1. jamal49 says

    Cute video. Don’t get the bitchy comments by some people here, though. The boys look like they’re having fun. They sure as hell are doing better than me right now.

    Um, am I the only one who thinks “twinks” is kinda slur-ish?

  2. Yupp says

    It’s really not, though, Michael. It’s pretty bad (matter of opinion, I know). If you wanna see a cute twink video, look up Austin Mahone’s “Say Something” on YouTube sometime. Not this ….overmarketed bunch…

  3. Sam says

    They are all straight identified, but they are very comfortable with flirting with each other, hugging and even kissing, as happens at the end of the video.

    They don’t mind and the fangirls love it. This is the way you kill homophobia.

  4. jaragon says

    I like the video’s retro salute to classic teen idols but the Jailhouse Rock bit should have been in black and white. How can teen girls resist this cute bunch?

  5. stephen lucas says

    One Direction are highly manufactured. They can’t sing. Their image is decidedly heterosexual. Note how many times they use the word “girl” in their lyrics. Their record label obviously doesn’t want anybody to think of them as being attracted to men.

    British manufactured hacks who can’t sing and who appeal to dumb teenage girls who think they have a chance of scoring a date with them. Gosh, no wonder the music industry is in such a bad state overall.

  6. Fahd says

    There was the Monkees and now there’s One Direction.

    Two things:

    I wish you had marked this NSFW. I just was kind of embarrassed; and

    Can we get some “Wanted”? They are more the Rough trade rather than Ken Doll band, right?

  7. stephen lucas says

    The Monkees were manufactured but they could sing. One Direction can’t sing. They are totally untalented in my view. They have been manufactured from the British school of no-talent hacks which has generated a multitude of acts over the years. The Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole, Bucks Fizz…these are all acts of dubious quality.

    Honestly, the British have been responsible for foisting on us some of the worst music acts ever. They continue to do so, shamelessly.

  8. Dback says

    Cute, but both video and song seem like they’re cobbling together random things. (The tempo of the song changes 2-3 times, and what is the theme pulling all these clips together, aside from showing how cute they all look in different outfits–or out of them?) Not complaining, and the little kiss at the end was sweet, but…maybe I’m just about 35 years too old for this.

  9. mm says

    How does it help fighting homophobia? It’s exactly the opposide. Remember these girls homophobic reaction to “twinks”, just because they thought it was a gay word.

    Think of those societies where “straight” men can almost dry hump each other in public but god forbid u call them gay, and there is death penalty for being openly gay.

  10. Sam says


    It isn’t the same phenomenon as in the Middle East where males can be physically intimate but still be homophobic.

    Here, this straight male-on-male intimacy exists alongside open gay people. 1D comes to us from the UK. Homosexuality is legal, gay marriage is about to become legal and everyone knows about gay people. In this context, having straight male stars being cool about kissing and hugging other guys is a complete win against homophobia. They know they are opening themselves up to the “charge” of being gay and they are saying, “who cares?” And because these videos are completely planned out and approved at the highest levels of a major record label, you have an institutional confirmation that this is where US, UK, and European youth are at.

    It is totally different from the situation in traditional cultures like in the Middle East, where the existence of homosexuality is completely repressed or denied outright.

    Also, the reaction against “twink” was more a possessive reaction, not a homophobic one. The girls want the guys to be straight, even if they titillate homoerotically. They have to be straight to fulfill the fans’ romantic fantasy that one day they might date on of the 1D. When that is threatened, they react in a way that protects the fantasy. When and if one of them comes out for real, the fantasy would no longer apply and you can be sure that the reaction will be supportive. Look at Westlife and Boyzone for examples of this.

  11. Henry Holland says

    “Honestly, the British have been responsible for foisting on us some of the worst music acts ever. They continue to do so, shamelessly”

    It’s been a tradition since the 1950’s, the American rock n’ rollers couldn’t/wouldn’t tour the UK so the music impresario’s (a good % of them gay) created UK clone acts.

    Of course, the irony is that the British produced the greatest and most influential rock band ever, The Beatles, the Stones, Who, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Radiohead, the list is huge.

  12. mm says

    Sam, I get your poit, but look at UK where 1D come from. It maybe progressive on gay rights, but the number of closeted people there is beyond belief. The latest survey showed only 1,5% people in UK openly identify as LGBT. Compare it even to the worst data in US (which even republicans agree on), which shows openly LGBT numbers around 4%. That “straight” man-on-man intimacy promotion only confuses young gay people and drives them back into closet.

  13. BETTY says

    “Their image is decidedly heterosexual. Note how many times they use the word “girl” in their lyrics.”

    Well duuuhhhh! Stephen, what did you expect? Who do you think has been driving pop music and boy bands since the dawn of the music industry? Teen girls. Did you just arrive on this planet? Of course gay guys are a demo for them but it will never be as big as the teen girl market.

  14. BETTY says

    “The one is Mick Jagger’s son, BTW.” Which one would that be? According to who? You? Once again you are passing off INCORRECT information. Is this another one of your crackpot conspiracy theories? Is it a plot against the Irish?

  15. Sam says

    That was one survey. Several percent simply refused to answer, which is not the same thing as being in the closet. Other surveys in the UK not conducted by the government got a more reasonable result.

    This phenomenon of straight male intimacy in the UK is real and has been subject to academic study in the UK. There is no evidence that male intimacy among straights drives gay people into the closet or confuses them. The key impact that it has is not on gays, but on straight males. It thwarts homophobia because being perceived as anti-gay or hostile to other males is no longer seen as socially desirable. The girls like guys who don’t sweat this stuff, so straight males, always prioritizing the needs and wants of potential female mates, are far more willing to befriend gay people and to show intimacy with their straight male friends. Eventually, this ceases to be a way to impress the girls and it just becomes the way you deal with other males. It may cure every straight male of homophobia, but it massively weakens it as a social force.

  16. Dback says

    Sam’s right–there was a study that got printed in the paper a few years back talking about how much things had changed at same-sex British schools. There are still pockets of homophobic harassment, but the article said it’s astonishing now how many young men are unafraid of same-sex affection, regardless of their orientation–teenage boys are sitting on each other’s laps, cuddling, stealing kisses, laying around piled on each other, hugging more, giving each other piggyback rides, etc. The article was unsure how much of this was directly/indirectly linked to legal acceptance of homosexuality, or if it’s just a societal shift in attitudes, but it’s noticeable–and the One Direction boys are just the latest example of this.

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