1. Chitown Kev says

    But didn’t I read on the Morehouse thread that it’s the white folks that are saving you tired white queens?

    The homophobia of the white community is out of control yet again.

  2. Paul R says

    He looks a fair bit like the photo posted earlier about Rand Paul’s son getting busted.

    @ChiTown Kev: Really, the out of control homophobia of the white “community”? There are so many stupid things about that comment that it’s not worth discussing. I guess that I always forget there’s no homophobia in Asian, African, or Middle Eastern groups and countries. Just us whiteys.

  3. Fahd says

    Who taught this kid that hate? He’s young enough to where I still feel sorry for him. I hope he gets help along with his punishment.

  4. Audi-owner says

    Also, I wonder how many more of these racial/gay hate crimes happen in the white south that go unreported!

  5. Sam says

    I am glad that Towleroad is covering this. But why has Towleroad ignored a very similar incident last month involving a “transgender” student in Mesa, AZ who planned to shoot up her classmates and who boasted about it? Why does Towleroad refuse to cover the campaign of violence by “trans” activists that has been directed against gays and lesbians, filmmakers, writers and others over the past several years? Or the firebombing by violent “trans” activists of a Wells Fargo bank in Oregon, which caused Wells Fargo to pull out of last year’s gay pride festival.

    Is Towleroad so committed to the fraudlent concept of “LGBT” that it is willing to ignore anti-gay and anti-lesbian violence by trans activists?

  6. says

    Sam, as long as trans-hating cowards like yourself continue to remain anonymous like the wimps that you are, your ridiculous voices will never be heard. and thank God for that.

  7. says

    and the Mesa case was actually involving a teen girl. the trans element is that it was a transgendered youth from my beloved hometown of Toronto who discovered the threats and notified authorities.

    so suck on that.

  8. Seattle Mike says

    Halleluia that they caught this idiot before he did anything. And how refreshing to hear the sheriff say that “it screams hate crime.” Usually the cops are all “Now we don’t know yet if it was a hate crime…”

    Good work, people!

  9. mark says

    Amazing no one got hurt and the guy was caught. Did he have access to guns? Why do the least stable people seem to have the easiest time getting a gun?

  10. says

    @Mark – because only the least-stable people think that it’s smart to own one.

    all the people who “should” be allowed to own guns are smart enough to want nothing to do with them.

  11. Mike in the Tundra says

    Thanks LittleKiwi, I only have a few trans friends, and they are sweet, gentle people. I’m certain there are some awful trans people around as well, because the bottom line is they’re people. They’re people, Sam.

  12. Dback says

    After connecting the dots in the majority of these cases, I’ve decided the most important thing we can do to potentially save hundreds if not thousands of lives is to ban boys and young men age 13-25. (I’d say “white teenage boys,” but Seeung Hui-Cho from Virginia Tech is the fly in the statistical ointment.) Let’s just ship ’em off to a “Lord of the Flies” island at age 12. Survivors get drafted directly into the military.

    Obviously, I’m being satirical, but considering we seem to be getting nowhere discussing limiting or banning first-person shooter games and/or multiple-round clips for guns…

  13. ryansson says

    Towleroad has an obvious troll problem, sadly. This story is horrifying – but it’s being used by trolls in search of racist and divisive lulz.

    Get wise folks before this turns into Yahoo.

  14. Gast says

    That 8-bit camouflage cover says it all. It’s sad really, he is the casualty of a culture of guns, intolerance and hate. I hope his parents realize this much.

  15. Oliver says

    For sentencing they should send him to Cameroon and force him to order Bailey’s Irish Cream liquor.

  16. Paul says

    Another crazy Christian who wants to kill gays. What the hell are these anti-gay Christian terrorist teaching these kids?

  17. Sam says


    I know that trans people are people. And they should be held to the same standard as everyone else. Their violent and criminal acts against gay people and others should be covered no less than other similar incidents. The political fiction of “LGBT” doesn’t give them a pass.

    There is absolutely no reason why the above incident in Alabama gets covered by Towleroad but the would-be trans mass murderer gets no coverage whatsoever. That cold-blooded transgender wrote on a tras website: “”I now literally have a plan of seriously hurting… killing… murdering people in my high school. And a playlist to do it.” Go and google it. It is a horrifying story.

    This is violence, sociopathic behavior and mental instability in the “trans community.” We should cover it thoroughly and decide whether “LGBT” is something that we want to continue.

  18. Alan says

    Sam, you seem to be implying that a majority of trans people are sociopathic and mentally unstable. Not only is this not true, it is an argument that many bigots use against gays.

  19. NE1 says

    Hmm kind of torn. On one hand it is his journal, maybe that’s how f**ked up people deal with things sometimes.. On another it’s a dangerous threat and needs to be dealt with, and he probably needs a few years of psychiatric help.. Either way it’s nice that this boy can get on with his life eventually because he didn’t kill anyone.

  20. Sam says


    Oh, it is true. But even if it isn’t a majority, there are violent acts by trans thugs directed against gays and, in particular, lesbians. This is news. This deserves to be covered. The majority of straight white males aren’t murderers, but when one murders a gay person, it should be covered. The same goes for when a transgender stalks, harasses, terrorizes or attacks a lesbian, as has happened repeatedly over recent months. Why won’t Towleroad cover these crimes? It is because it cares more about the ideology of “LGBT” than it does about lesbian lives.

  21. antb says

    gee Sam, thanks so much for letting us all know about what seems, from your posts, to be an epidemic of violence against gays and lesbians by trans people. Who knew that we are apparently all in mortal danger, all the time, from crazed trans activists? Please keep up your fine reporting from the Pearl Clutching Gazette.

  22. alex says

    I want to know more about this story…maybe it was a real threat, or maybe it really was just him writing hateful but otherwise harmless stories in his journal. I’m not saying he’s not full of hate and needs counseling, but is there really enough evidence to try this kid as an adult for terrorism or whatever? There’s a real problem with the ‘weird kids’ getting demonized now in schools. Not saying that is necessarily happening here, but I’d be very wary of post-Newtown hysteria in schools.

    (Oh and I agree with the other poster — Chevel is way cute. Love that LOL shirt!)

  23. Jonathan says


    Haved you ever considered a psych evaluation? I think it might be a very good idea which you could benefit greatly from. Thanks for the info about the trans stalkers whom we now know we should live in fear of due to their potential for mass killing and lesbian stalking.

    (eyeroll) Seriously, you come off as a nut, Sam. A serious tinfoil hat wearing lunatic. Just my take, but I doubt I’m the only one who sensed there was something amiss with your crazy posts.

  24. Chitown kev says

    Who taught this kid that hate? He’s young enough to where I still feel sorry for him. I hope he gets help along with his punishment.

    Posted by: Fahd | Jan 7, 2013 6:48:02 PM

    And folks wonder why queens of color find so many of you white queens so disgustingly hypocritical and racist.

    I didn’t even see this type of sentiment for a certain ignorant black bisexual rapper here recently.

  25. ratbastard says

    How many black kids are killed all the time, everyday, USUALLY other other black kids,in America? Anyone know? How many shootings and murders of young adults and kids, mostly ‘minority, mostly black, and where the perp is also entirely ‘minority’, mostly black, in places like Chicago, have occurred over the past year? Black people primarily have to worry about being hurt, including murdered, by other black people, in America, not from whitey. White on black violent crime in the U.S. is almost non-existent, it’s so statistically insignificant. And that’s reality, the truth, not a racist fantasy.

    This kid is obviously mentally ill and/or has a serious personality disorder. He’s neither normal or typical in any way. Luckily he was caught. I wonder what pharma drugs he was taking?

  26. Derrick from Philly says


    you just spoke about Black kids who commit violent crime. Let’s talk White kids who commit violent crime. I don’t mean White kids like the monster in Newtown Connecticut. I mean the White kids who commit the same kind of crime as the Black kids you spoke about (gang related, drug dealing, drug taking, etc).

    You will say that the statistics don’t even compare. The violent crime committed by White kids is so much lower. But I still ask, where do those “few” White kids who commit violent crime come from? Generational poverty, Ratbastard, that’s where they come from.

    Now, imagine if 35% to 40% of White American kids came from generational poverty, ineffective educational systems, and run down neighborhoods. Well, just imagine.

    The situation wouldn’t be “statistically insignificant” that’s for sure.

  27. Chitown Kev says

    Ratbastard, what in the hell does black on black crime have to do with this hate crime, here?

    Even in that case, white folks like yourself would rather dismiss this as mental illness but if a black kid had done something like this (and they do) then it has something to do with his blackness, the homophobia in the black community, and whatnot (as opposed to the black kid being mentally ill as well).

    And I, for one, will go there about black folks and mental illness and how it’s perceived so don’t even think about it…

    and I’m saying that sure, he could be mentally ill; it’s also very likely that the white trash society that he’s from made him sick…those are the master’s tools, in any event…

  28. ratbastard says

    @Derrick from Philly,

    1) I sympathize with black people [kids or adults], and anyone else who was raised in family afflicted with generational poverty. I really do. I don’t come from a well off family myself. That said, WHY is there ‘generation’ dysfunction and ‘poverty’ when this effing country has spent TRILLIONS since LBJ’s war on poverty and the full scale introduction of our welfare state? And I’m not just targeting black people here. There are of course white multigeneration dysfunctional, ‘poverty’ stricken families [or more accurately, women with children and no daddy]. But it’s by far worse among the so-called African American community.

    2) Violent crime is in credibly bad in the so-called African American community, FAR worse than any other demographic group as a whole, even ‘Hispanics’. And it’s a real fact, not fantasy, that according to records kept by law enforcement and prosecutors in this country black males, who make up around 6% of the population routinely account for more than 50% of homicides, and even higher percentages for other violent crime. This is an unbelievable statistic and people of all ‘colors’ should be disgusted by it.


    I certainly do believe there are black kids, male and female, and adults, who are afflicted with serious mental illnesses, and personality disorders. I personally believe people who are raised in the kind of dysfunctional environments many black kids are raised in are afflicted with legitimate mental illness, certainly PTSD is probably widespread.

  29. ratbastard says

    A group of blacks killed my father by gang-banging him. Not with gang violence, but their thick penises. My father was then crippled by it and in a wheelchair for years before finally dying of a perforated anus. Even though it was consensual, as he loved taking big black penises inside him, it was still those blacks fault. So I don’t like blacks.

  30. Audi-owner says

    @ Ratbastard (the original not the satirical one)

    Just admit that you are a racist scum. We know what you’re all about. You blame “those uppity negros” for all of your issues with America. You should change your name to RacistBastard. It’d make alot more sense. Scumbag!

  31. ratbastard says

    No, I speak the truth. Blacks are bad people. To prove it – their refusal to acknowledge that their big penises are the reason my dad is dead. He’s dead not because of his love of being penetrated by as many big black penises as possible, but their selfish refusal to remember that even though my late father had a wipe and indeed gaping anus, it is also a caucasian one, which means it should be treated with tenderness and, if possible, lots of Crisco.

  32. Audi-owner says

    And for the record, I am a full-blooded Italian MASCULINE gay man. I make no apologies for that. I also make no apologies for HATING flaming queens who make bitchy,catty,asinine remarks about everything.As well being racist scum and hold a chip on their shoulder with masculine (straight-acting) gay men. I guess that means I hold great contempt for 99% of towleroad readers. *grin*

  33. Audi-owner says

    In fact, I’m so masculine that I have to tell people I’m masculine. Because that’s what masculine people do. We tell you we’re masculine.

    And since I’ve told you I don’t need to prove anything, because proof and facts are for fems.

  34. says

    Perhaps this will be the wake up call that a lot of States need about how their cultures of prejudice and bigotry are a real cancer.

    From Alabama’s mandatory anti-gay sex-ed (?!) to the barely-veiled racism that still pollutes too many young minds, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done.

    And it’s high-time that intelligent minds stopped pretending that we need to “respect” those specific “differences of opinion” that hinge entirely on disrespecting other minority groups.

    YOu cannot defend bigotry and prejudice and then act surprised when that bigotry and prejudice manifests as violence. It’s the root.

  35. billmiller says

    His Parents had no idea??? Why was a little kid chewing tobacco? Who taught him to hate? The parents!