1. David Hearne says

    Who flipping cares? Seriously, this is right up there with “Kim Kardashian says…..”

  2. Moz's says

    yeah i think it started as a closet thing….then steamrolled into her death sob story to help with heisman trophy….and snowballed with support from university /coaches to keep the whole thing going

  3. RK says

    He has “gay face.” Kidding aside, what is being missed here is when he makes that comment you hear the audience laugh like if he was gay would be something horrible. It is time to call out Katie Couri on this. If he is not gay, then he is a dumbass homophobe.

  4. Jake says

    Why call out Katie for her audience? If her audience think being gay is horrible, what can Katie do about that?

  5. Aedan says

    I really have a hard time caring. If he’s a closet case it only makes sense given his profession and location. Would it be cowardly and pathetic? Sure. But understandably so.

    Do I personally hope he’s gay? Not really. Even from a “gee wish he was gay so I can bone him” perspective because, quite honestly, to me he’s a bit of a butter face.

  6. Francis says

    I didn’t get that impression, RK, from the audience. They were laughing because he was, because he made a joke of being asked if he were gay. He’s the one who looks stupid there.

    That was such a nervous laugh from Te’o. I think he’s definitely gay now.

  7. johnny says

    RK, I think that his statement was contrived to make you think he was a total, lusty ladies man, and the audience (mostly women) thought that was humorous or titillating. Don’t think it was to say gay = bad.

    But no. He’s gay and eventually, after the fake marriage and the horrible break up and the disappointed families and children, he’ll eventually come out. Or maybe sooner, who knows? There’s never been a more accepting time unless you count Caligula’s rule over Rome.

  8. Kim says

    I think the guy who created the fake girlfriend is Gay and had a crush on Teo so he created the GF to get close to Teo.@ RK why is he homophobe for saying he is far from Gay?

  9. Lars says

    I never thought there was compelling evidence that he was gay. And still don’t think there is.

    But that Ronaiah Tuiasosopo character?? There is a loooooooot more to that dude. At this point, I suspect he is gay, but really hope he isn’t. He’s all kinds of crazy and frankly, the association will be spun in a bad way for us (that whole ‘gay = mentally ill’ narrative that the Right loves).

  10. JC says

    It seems like a useless discussion in any case. If he’s gay and closeted, let him be gay and closeted. If he’s straight, then let him be straight. Who cares?! If we want people to stop judging us based on our sexuality, but other aspects of our personalities, then we should lead by example. He’s not just gay or not just straight, he has many other aspects of his life and career that we should be focusing on instead of this.

  11. Lucas says

    He’s mormon. I didn’t know that. Now I’m buying more into the “he’s gay” theory. Just come out dude.

  12. jaragon says

    He is a barely articulate big dumb kid who finds himself in the middle of this ridiculous publicity stunt that exploded in his face. I agree the guy who pretended to be the girl might have a gay crush on this guy.

  13. MikeH says

    Can someone please explain to me WHY this is such a newsworthy story? If anything it just showcases how utterly worthless the MSM has become.

    If I were him, I would say I was gay even if I weren’t to avoid looking like:
    1. An opportunist trying to lie to gain sympathy for a Heisman
    2. A complete imbecile for going on about a girlfriend you never met.

    IMO it’s much better to play the oppressed gay card than the other two options.

    Apparently he and others believe it’s better to be an imbecile than gay. Whatever!

  14. MikeH says

    P.S. Let me see:

    1. He’s mormon
    2. He goes to a major Catholic University
    3. He is on their football team
    4. He is hoping to get a NFL contract

    Duh… He is a closeted gay…

  15. TampaZeke says

    Cause we all know that there’s never been a gay man who said, “Oh, no, I’m not gay. FAAAAAR from it!”

    I would bet that most gay men have said that at some point; particularly those from fundamentalist religious families like Manti.

  16. Bob says

    YOU CAN’T FIGURE MORMONS– except to count on the idea that there is a huge price for any of them who publicly flout the church’s policies.

  17. Tommy says

    We tend to think everyone is a closeted gay, but I don’t think it’s the case here.
    If he were closeted, why wouldn’t he just get a female friend to pretend to be his girlfriend? That would be a lot easier and more believable. Most gay guys have tons of female friends.

  18. says

    You’re either gay or you’re not: you can’t get “farther from it” than other people. That’s insulting. It’s like if somebody asks if you’re Jewish and you reply, “Oh, no — quite the opposite!”

    Do I believe him? Of course not. Because there’s only one type of person that doesn’t care if they meet their long-term “girlfriend,” and Mormon isn’t *quite* it.

  19. andrew says

    He seems like a nice guy. I accept him at his word. I wish him great success in his pro football career.

  20. John says

    I don’t think he’s gay. I think he’s just dumb.

    The whole “is he gay?” storyline is just as dumb as he is.

    I appreciate the news outlets who take this story as an opportunity to examine the way the Internet has affected the way we relate to other people. That discussion is much more interesting than this low-level “I want to know exactly what happened and why!” discussion.

  21. bierce says

    As I was walking down the stair
    I met a man who wasn’t there.
    He wasn’t there again today.
    Oh, how I wish he’d go away!

  22. Marky says

    Do I believe him? HELL NO!!

    GURL PUH-LEESE he is gay no one is this stupid for THAT LONG, he was in on it to cover up his BF/ cock supplier

  23. BlinkytheClown says

    It’s interesting to watch his body language. As he is saying “No, Far From it… Faaaar From it” his head is nodding up and down in the affirmative. Body language interpreters would tell you that this is a classic “tell” of him lying. HIs mouth says one thing, but his body reveals the truth.

    Just thought that was interesting… take a look.

  24. AngelaChanning says

    That poor thing is gay and dumb. On one level, I don’t understand why this is newsworthy but then again, the sports world is completely foreign to me. I think the traditional media are playing catch up to being scooped by Deadspin. Add to the mix that this story is such colossal BS, it has everyone intrigued. Sadly, I don’t think this Katie interview raises more questions than answers.

  25. Shannon says


  26. Markt says

    The football guy is of no interest to me but the comments here are. Johnny your statement that these are the most accepting times since the reign of Caligula are disgusting. Caligula promoted prostitution and then taxed it. How is that accepting? Only 10% of that prostitution was homosexual from what little records exist. Today we are promoting marriage between people including same-sex couples – how is that like Caligula? We are promoting family values today with same-sex marriage. Dude self-hating is a few steps above you.

  27. NVagboi says

    This story just gets better and better and clearer and clearer. Have you read the comments from the hoaxer’s attorney?!?! The guy wanted a “relationship” (nebulously used) with Mr. Te’o.

    But, to those who say one day he’ll come out, I would say think twice! If he is on “our team”, as they say, he’s so far in the closet this boy’s in Narnia; Mormon, footballer, catholic school boy, Samoan are all enough in-and-of themselves, but as a combo it’s genetic self-hater syndrome defined.

  28. Kevin-in-Honolulu says

    I’ve lived in Hawaii for 22 years and work at a public services job in a community college where I meet the diverse population that is Hawaii.

    Many Pacific Islanders and Asian men here are very closeted because of traditional families. Many of these adult men still live at home. Some of their reluctance to come out has to do with religion, and some of it is cultural.

    Samoans by and large are a very religious group – Catholic and Mormon.

    His Mormon religion just complicates this very very messy situation. The fact that he appeared on the show with HIS PARENTS – the guy is 21 years old! and the fact that his father called him a kid says it all. That

    This guy is probably gay – and what with Gareth Thomas the UK rugby player, Orlando Cruz, the Puerto Rican boxer – who wouldn’t want to be associated with those guys! And Ben Cohen and Chris Kluwe very strongly coming out for LGBT professional sports players – what a TIME TO COME OUT for professional sports players. The longer they stay in the closet, the worse it will be for them.

  29. says

    I believe him when he says he’s not gay. I think he’s one of those jocks whose brain functions begin to deteriorate the closer they get physically to a beautiful woman. He feels more “cool” if there’s a barrier in between – and what could be more “enabling” to a duuuh jock than the internet? This condition renders him vulnerable and gullible. It’s the guy voicing the girl who’s gayer than a goose; he’s a night vision scope away from an active stalker.

  30. NVagboi says

    Yeah…..watching the entire interview, every time he opens his mouth, all I hear is a closet door being pulled tightly shut (a big Samoan linebacker hiding behind it).

  31. Kyle says

    I don’t find him attractive. I find him creepy, manipulative and slimey. Something about him comes off like a used car salesman.

  32. Dynex says

    The gay community is a WONDERFUL community full of amazing people. We don’t want or need these clowns to be gay. It would be a major stain for our community, and would make public opinion think we’re all decievibg liars. No thanks. The heteros can have him!

  33. 2 Dads says

    I find it insulting that he’s being suggested to be gay. Anyone who lies, decieves women and the public is gay? That’s te correlation here and I don’t like it.

  34. patrick says

    What a coincidence, I used to say the exact same thing!! It’s hard for me to say it now, though, what with all the cock in my mouth.

  35. jeremyrain says

    It just gets so bizarre that I can’t still put the gay rumor on it. Yes, so the 500 hours of talking to his “GF” turned out to be his cousin. Creepy. But we need to consider if they are really plotting this together for publicity stunt for his Heisman’s consideration or this is just a cover for their gay relationship. Believe me, 500 hours is enough for you to plan a sophisticated plot so it would boost up your career.

  36. ChadSF says

    My initial thought, possibly gay. But after watching this interview, I say not possibly gay but dfinitely dumb!

  37. Tatonka says

    Are you kidding me?? He said no, but he was nodding his head like he’d just been offered free money.

    I think the kid is either gay or seriously questioning, and it’s a damned shame his journey has been plastered around the world like it has.

  38. FunMe says

    Far from “it”? Whatever!

    That football player is soooooooooooo gay, it’s not even funny. CLOSETED … but gay. Oh, and let’s not forget, he’s also stupid. Actually thinking people will believe his LIES when it is so obivous he is gay. It becomes obvious each day that he is gay and that he and his male lover were trying to make him look straight.


    Hope one day he will be true to himself. He had the chance in the Katie Couric interview, but he continued with his lies.

  39. Rich says

    Damned if I know what Manti is. Perhaps the best answer was given by his father: “He’s a boy, trying to be a man.”

    Of more concern: What does it say about me that I’m following this story and spent an hour watching Katie Couric’s interview?

  40. Javier says

    I think the biggest take away from me is… that in order for her to be real she has to physically be there. Not via email, not via facebook, not over the phone, but right in front of you in person. Otherwise your situation is as pathetic as the one from that indie movie where the guy dates the rubber doll (a few years back.) You cannot date someone that you have not had a PHYSICAL connection with.

  41. Alan Katz says

    A guy who is content to “date” a girl for several years with, apparently, no wish to meet her? Can you spell “b.e.a.r.d”?

    A guy who doesn’t rush to the bedside of his dying “love of his life”? Can you spell “c.o.n.s.p.i.r.a.t.o.r”?

    Sorry, Te’o, but I don’t believe a word you say. We don’t know the whole story, but no human being behaves the way you did. And no straight man ever has such a sorry excuse for a “relationship” with a woman.

    And only a fraud lies about it, especially on national TV.

    Sorry to hear you are living such a dreadfully repressed life, all in return for a football career without conflict. You seem like a really talented athlete. What a shame you have to give up your life to assure your career.

  42. DRJUSTINO says

    Who knows if he’s gay or not – if he truly is, I’d say he’s so closeted he’d never publically come out, it would only surface if he were ever found out (e.g. if he had some hook up and the person told the media). Regardless, I agree with those saying the whole question of him possibly being gay has been poorly handled. I cringed hearing Katie Couric ask it, because the tone/inflection/questioning still sets it up as something with stigma, and his response, quickly denying it, and saying “far” from it, and the audience’s response, again still suggests that there is something wrong with it. Society has come a long way, but let’s not forget that for most, tolerance is only at the surface. We aren’t so evolved as many European nations, where sexual orientation is close to being a non issue (but there is still plenty of homophobia there, as even in Denmark there are still beatings by homophobes).

  43. anon says

    He comes across as being painfully shy. He also seems sexually naive. His sheltered background might be part of this attitude. Gay? Well, he can always hop right out there and get himself another gal.

  44. DC Arnold says

    Awfully expensive closet he’s building should the NFL invest in the delusional. Was first round now third round.

  45. Bill says

    @MikeH: Regarding, “Apparently he and others believe it’s better to be an imbecile than gay,” it is also possible, if he is straight, that he realizes that pretending to be gay when not would make him an institution on late-night TV as one comedian after another has a field day.

    BTW, if he is a devout Mormon, given that he is then not supposed to engage in any premarital sex, a “telephone only” girlfriend is a convenient excuse for not acting like the vast majority of his male peers.

  46. Liam says

    For those who keep asking why this is a story: the sports press ran with this sob story of an athlete with a dead girlfriend without doing any source checking. Indeed when they did check and couldn’t find anything like an obit or any record of the girl at all, the editors told them to run with it anyway. Now they look like idiots so someone MUST PAY! That’s why this story wont die.

  47. Houndentenor says

    He still hasn’t come clean about what happened. There are several possible reasons he might have had his friend create a fake profile to pass off as his “out of town girlfriend”. None of them seem likely except that he’s gay. He’s certainly not the first person to do this, and not the last. But since he’s Mormon I don’t expect him to come out anytime soon. At least half the Mormon men I have ever met (not a relative sample since these lived in big cities and were somehow or other involved in music) seemed very gay to me. Not one of them has come out since then. (I know a few have and I even saw the one man show about the guy who did.) there’s a lot of social pressure on them to remain closeted, more even than is typical of fundamentalist Christians. I feel bad for him. But I don’t believe him either.

  48. Mike says

    Right Dan E. He is not a line backer. He is a tight end. (Just not all that tight.) We have ALL been there. Feel sorry for him . . .

  49. Ned Flaherty says

    Closing line from the 1958 TV series:

    “There are 8 million stories in the Naked City. This has been one of them.”