Posts from February 2, 2013

Rick Perry: Keep Boy Scouts Anti-Gay Policy


After addressing hundresed of Scouts during today's Texas Scouts' 64th annual Report to State, Governor (and one-time Eagle Scout) Rick Perry once again asserted that gays should not be allowed in the Boy Scouts of America. According to the A…

NYT Revises Ed Koch Obit To Include Details About Aids


The New York Times revised its obituary of former NYC mayor Ed Koch after receiving criticism for excluding any mention of his controversial handling of the AIDs crisis in the 1980s. Koch died of congestive heart failure yesterday at the age of 88. T…

Video: A Fish Brain At Work


Japanese scientists have – for the first time ever – recorded the brain activity of a fish as it watches it prey. It's a very cool short video. Watch the flashes of brain activity for yourself – AFTER THE JUMP.…