1. jjose712 says

    This is exactly the type of song he needs to have a hit. People loved him on idol, but dance male singers are not exactly what american radio want right now.
    He can sing whatever he wants, i hope next album can make him find his place on radio (without radio is difficult to support sales in the long time)

  2. DudeNCali says

    He charming, extremely sweet to his fans, and when cameras aren’t around- he’ll treat you like you’re the only person on the planet. My friends met him randomly at a hotel lobby and he was sooo personable and sweet and spoke to us about Idol experience, posed for photos. Great guy.

  3. Scott Johansen says

    He’s gotten the respect of many music critics, and has even done well with sales in his last album. Proud of him for sustaining this. And whether others get him or not, I honestly think he’s got more talent in his one finger than most musicians played on the radio.

  4. says

    @ Scott J

    Well, in fairness, where I live, Lambert is constantly played on the radio. In fact, his last single was on our radio stations Top 5 on a nightly basis for about three weeks. He’s doing well for himself. I like that he’s not OVER exposed and yet does pop up on t.v and gigs often enough.

  5. QJ201 says


    Bruno Mars seems to be doing fine as “male dance singer” as are so many urban black male singers (chris brown included) that have started to co-opt “gay” dance music. I swear so much of today’s dance music sounds like a 90’s circuit party.

    As for Lambert’s airplay…NYC stations don’t play him much…but his tracks are in constant rotation in the NYSC muzak.

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