1. CS says

    Crickets are tasty. They’re popular in Mexico. They’re really good on a taco, and REALLY good to snack on while you drink mezcal or tequila. AC should live a little!

  2. rcndc says

    So surprised by Anderson’s response to lamb nuts. I’m sure he has had lots of practice with Benjamin Maisani’s nuts. yum!

  3. Iconoclast says

    Testicles themselves are rather tasteless. The tunica albuginea is tough and should be peeled away. The flavor depends upon the batter, the spices and the method of cooking, usually frying.

  4. QJ201 says

    I like Anderson, but he strikes me as such a wuss sometimes about silly things. He can go to hostile territory and dodge bullets, but can’t eat crickets? I bet he refuses to eat peas too.

  5. Moz's says

    could the blindfolds being any less sexy or even appear less non functioning

    they appear to be able to see out from underneath them….a sock as a blindfold would have been more effective and less dorky looking

  6. Focus says

    What everybody here seems to completely glance over are the smooth dance moves Anderson does when he turns 360 on his heel all while spitting things out. That and his giggle are quite cute.

    As for being squirmish, I’d see it the otherway around QJ201: he’s dogded bullets in war zones. That being proof that he is not as removed from ‘real’ life or a ‘spoiled brat’ overall, I cut him some slack if he is (pretends to be) squirmish with his food if it makes his show more entertaining.