1. Matt26 says

    Sorry to write agaun, but he doesn’t have any appeal to me. Also in that business, time is cruel friend. He seems very sweet and caring person, I think he should focus to those issues (charity etc.).

  2. ripper says

    “He’s not well proportioned, he has an ugly chest.”

    You do know he’s a soccer player, right?

    It wouldn’t be Towleroad if the comments weren’t filled with retards.

  3. Tad says

    I guess it is good that people find different things attractive. To me he is perfection. He would be too pretty without the tattoos. And that butt-clench. Woah.

  4. Ken says

    I’m missing something I guess. I find his tattoos a turn off, and he looks dirty (in the unclean sense), and he’s best buds with Tom “Scientology” Cruise, so…. not sexy to me, sorry.

  5. millerbeacjh says

    Hot man, cute commercial, dislike the tats, but not enough to kick him out of my bed…LOL The lights would be low, so I doubt I would notice. Plus, if I had him, I would probably be preoccupied with other aspects of his “being”…LOL Yup, even with the tats, (which are way over-done) he is still hot.

  6. Steve Scarborough says

    Prediction without judgment: the biggest trend in body aesthetics, starting with us in about two years and then being aped by straight folks (like every other trend), will be tattoo removal.

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