1. Dolph says

    oh pleeeease, ”gay ban” in the scouts? there have been gay scouts ever since the boy scouts began, it just wasn’t talked about, ban gay scouts and I doubt the organization will survive.I was in the scouts and I AM GAY.

  2. MArk says

    Dont kill me, but … who cares if we cant enter the freaking “boy scouts” !?, can’t another association being made ?, it’s liek a death, life matter, and it’s ridiculous to see so much ppl getting pational about this bs

  3. says

    it’s a big organization, and it may never have been for you (or me), but the age range of the scouts spans a boys sexual awareness. So what happens to the kids who are in Scouts, love Scouts, and come to realize they are gay? A lot of emotional damage.

  4. Paul says

    Mark, maybe you should work on your typing and grammar skills before getting upset about others working for equality. Everywhere.