Facebook Co-Founder’s Husband Sean Eldridge Files Papers to Run for Congress

EldridgeSean Eldridge, the husband of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, has filed papers in New York to run for Congress, Gawker reports:

According to the filings, Eldridge, a Democratic activist and the head of an investment firm, will be seeking a House seat in New York's 19th District, currently represented by Representative Chris Gibson. Gibson, a two-term Republican and former West Point professor, was reelected in November by a margin of 53 percent to 47 percent. But the 19th District also broke for Obama; it is one of the dozens of vulnerable districts Democratic strategists are gunning for in 2014 in an effort to reclaim the House.


  1. gr8guyca says

    Two of the most important components of modern elections are 1) money and 2) social network skills. Sean would seem to have a leg up in both categories.

  2. KT says

    Crap, he’s like two years younger than me. When did people my age start accomplishing stuff with their lives lol. If he does run, he will be extremely young to be a rep which could both work for and against him (the youngest current rep is 29 – Eldridge would be 28). Good luck to him – he definitely has the money to run.

    (It kind of sucks though that we are already talking about 2014. The last elections were three months ago. Its seems were are in a constant election cycle with no let up)

  3. James says

    Nothing against Sean or the fact that he is gay. No problem there. I do have an issue with someone buying an election. What does he care about the Congress or the district. Just imagine having a one sided congress and President. No checks and balances. The economy will be even more doomed than it is now.

  4. UFFDA says

    Go champ. I believe in this guy,,,and his husband Chris. They know how the system works, have the money to work it as it should be worked, and they look like…what”…like elves from another dimension, sent here to help straighten things out.

  5. bravo says

    @gr8guyca – you are right, he has 2 legs up in this election.

    And, seriously, who doesn’t want to vote for a cute, rich gay? I still don’t understand how Neil Patrick Harris is not in the US Senate.

  6. RedOnTheGreg says

    James, as long as the Republicans chose to favor discrimination over equality, they don’t deserve our support, because they are demanding that the system remain inherently unbalanced, and that’s unacceptable.

  7. joe bob says

    Good luck to him, but is he a resident of the district? I thought they lived in Garrison which is NY 18 (Sean Patrick Maloney represents NY 18). Love my big gay Hudson Valley!

  8. ABCD says

    i’m fairly certain sean has never done anything that wasn’t facilitated by the fact that he was in a relationship with someone who largely happened into a nearly billion dollar fortune. That doesn’t make him or Chris bad people or ill-intentioned, but this sense of entitlement on the basis of nothing is totally gross.

  9. andrew says

    I wish him success. We need the House back under democratic control. His task will be very difficult. Obama carried that district but the republican Gibson won the House seat 53-47. With no Obama at the top of the ticket in 2014 and with the usual lower voter turnout among the democratic base in off year elections, he will have a tough time winning.

  10. tcw says

    @ABCD: Hence my question about his status at Columbia Law. Not that getting into/successfully completing law school isn’t itself facilitated by privilege, but the completing of it at least speaks to personal sacrifice and commitment.

  11. tcw says

    @ABCD: Hence my question about his status at Columbia Law. Not that getting into/successfully completing law school isn’t itself facilitated by privilege, but the completing of it at least speaks to personal sacrifice and commitment.

  12. Paul R says

    All these comments about buying an election are gross. He hasn’t exactly won yet. And how many politicians are destitute? I don’t recall poverty being an issue for the Bushes, Kerry, or Kennedys, among others.

    Look at US history. Look at the history of nearly every other country. Rich people tend to hold power, and vice verse. That’s not going to change any time soon. Be glad that it’s a gay man running and stop moaning about it. Elected office is hell.

  13. Belthazar says

    What is more important than his age, connections, or wealth is his Policies/Positions on various issues. Being Gay, AA, or a Woman is not enough! Let us not forget: Goproud, Allen West, Sarah ‘Freakin’ Palin — not that his policies are in line with any of the aforementioned.

  14. jjose712 says

    Well, it was a question of time, he and his husband were very interesting in politics since a very young age, so this the logical next step.

    And frankly, complaining about him being rich is a bit of double standard, because most candidates to president are filthy rich (as long with a good bunch of candidates to congress or senate).

    The fact that he is good looking doesn’t hurt either, american elections are all about image

  15. ac says

    I think this is great, but I have been wondering – what are the rules for campaign financing and contributions or loans for campaigns from spouses? How are affected when a marriage isn’t recognized federally?

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