1. Justin says

    What a piece of s##t. He needs to be arrested and thrown in jail. Like Mark said above me – I wish there was a Hell for him to go to. He’d surely burn for eternity. What an evil, sinister, little troll of a man.

  2. candideinnc says

    I won’t pray for it because I don’t believe in sky fairies, but I will wish upon a star that the next pope is the last pope, and that he has a very short reign.

  3. TomR says

    Why is this being posted on Towleroad? It has no relevance except that he’s finally gone. And the next pope? just a new clown and the same silliness. Can’t we move on???????????

  4. andrew says

    I wonder why he is really resigning? He was the number one man of the previous pope, JP II, and that guy was bent over and drooling on his speeches and he didn’t quit. There has got to be some reason the world is not being told.

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