1. Rik says

    First comment is about how the commentator doesn’t think this guy is cute. Gee…why do straight people think gay people are shallow? This video is so sweet I just became diabetic. Relax, guys. Don’t be so judgmental.

  2. greg says

    How in the WORLD can you bitter queens pick on sweet sentiment from a cute alt-boy like this? If he was singing to YOU I doubt you’d be bitching about pitch, tone or whatever. Yummy. I want one.

  3. Joe says

    Rik, I think the sexy young guy with a boyfriend he loves and with his video plastered all over the Internet who can’t seem to be fully clothed for some reason but is probably attractive enough to get away with it can handle himself. One comment from some dude on a blog on the other side of the world isn’t gonna damage his spirit, and you can’t really put the weight of the world’s homophobia on poor Dave’s shoulders.

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