1. JordanWasanwa says

    I was expecting a lot more from Honey Mahogany than what the show provided; very disappointed she left as early as she did.
    And to Niles: drag is an inherent part of queer culture. You can thank drag queens, trans people, and rent boys for a society that’s more accepting of sexual minorities.

  2. UFFDA says

    Drag queens make me rack my brain for the worst thing I can say and in no time I’ve turned my mind into a trash heap. How can any man take pleasure in so dishonoring his sex? Please make them go away. No more Rupaul. Talk about lipstick on a pig.

  3. phil says

    RISE, NILES, and UFFDA: you are the bane of the gay community. Go self-immolate yourself for your gender construction norms and stay the f— away from any and all self-respecting gay men. Honey, sorry you got kicked off, but SF queens like their kaftans, and the rest of the drag world just can’t handle that.

  4. AMaezm says

    disresepect gender? you really know NOTHING about drag do you?! you’ve completely missed the point.

    This video is almost as boring as her lifeless performance on the show…

  5. The Milkman says

    I like drag queens. I especially like BAD drag queens. I don’t find it offensive or threatening at all. People who would make assumptions about the gay community based on their antipathy toward drag queens would never support us in the first place.

    Besides, we’d do well to remember that it was the drag queens who stood up to the cops at Stonewall. We don’t all have to enjoy drag, but perhaps a bit of respect for individuality and fortitude?

  6. Johnny says

    I’m sorry, I think this is as half-assed as her performance on the show. A chorus of “It’s honey x3, It’s stick so you lick it and you drizzle and you spread it around?” That’s the best you can do? Drizzling isn’t even suggestive of anything.

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