1. says

    you mean: “Aint it unfair that we get called anti-Semitic just because we believe, and preach, that the 6 million Jews exterminated in the Holocaust are burning in Hell for eternity?”

    no, that’s not unfair. that’s accurate.

  2. Cal says

    The intellectual disconnect here is simply astounding.

    They really, truly think that everyone who doesn’t believe as they do is secretly miserable and waiting for their “message of hope”?

    Just… wow.

  3. The Milkman says

    They can’t seem to get their wittle heads around the idea that our problem with them isn’t the fact that they belong to a religious sect that despises us. It’s that they use that tax-exempt sect to legislate their bogus BS on everyone else.

    I honestly don’t care what they believe. But I damned well better get my equal civil and human rights. There is no discussion about anything else until that happens. Period.

  4. Chip says

    The idea that belief in Christ as the savior is required for eternity in heaven is not up for debate in the religion. If you are Christian, you must believe that all jews, atheists, gays, adulterers, etc will burn in hell. If you don’t believe that, then you probably aren’t really a Christian.

    So really, this guy doesn’t bother me any more than any other self-proclaimed Christian. At least he’s informed about his religion’s teachings.

  5. Jacques says

    Okay, that’s just laugh out loud funny. His logic is just plain idiotic. If it were true that he believes all people are sinners but all those sins are forgiven by JC then he should be our biggest advocate for equal treatment. Curiously he is not.

  6. says

    to be fair, Chip, a great number of denominations actually Don’t believe what you just said.

    thankfully, there are progressive, humanist and non-dogmatic churches that simply view Christianity as a model, a philosophy, and a connection to the past.

    i was lucky to have been raised in a religious denomination (united church of Canada) that not only does not believe in “Hell” but doesn’t believe, or promote in any way, that “being a Christian” is of any importance at all – be it in this life or a supposed next. it doesn’t matter what faith you have, if any, but what you do with it and what kind of person it makes you.

    an important distinction.

  7. Jack M says

    He’s right! How dare anybody call him and his church names when it’s so obvious that anyone who disagrees with them has a totally wrong view of reality?

    Just for our sake, I hope he’s not a closet case. We don’t need him.

  8. Steve says

    There is no such thing as “sin”. It’s just a convenient control mechanism invented by power hungry old men. Invent the sickness and sell the cure, knowing with absolute certainty that people will be sick again soon enough.

  9. Marc says

    He’s right. His views aren’t radical when it comes to Christianity — this IS the mainstream Christian view. Which is why the Christian view is so backwards. People worship a torturous God if it means they can save their hide from hellfire. They believe it’s true, or even if they doubt it, they embrace it hesitantly.

    It’s fear and lies disguised as truth and reward.

    I think this is a perfect speech to make us all, as a nation, reflect on the authenticity of Christianity.

  10. anon says

    It’s like he’s dying to break into a song-and-dance routine at the drop of a hat.

    Of course, if all gays go to hell then it should be fully gentrified by now and all the low rent apartments gone.

  11. JohnAGJ says

    I always find such squawking by Prots to be amusing. 500 or so years ago nobody had ever heard of their different and contradictory sets of dogmatic theology. Nobody. Sure, you had some small groups pop up here and there but even they were not like the Prots. That’s 1500 years from the time of Jesus until about the Reformation when their spin on the Gospel was absent from human history. So was God asleep during that time? Did He mess things up with the Catholics & Orthodox (who themselves had a falling out) and then get it “right” starting in the 16th century? Or is it that a lot of what they claim to be essential Truth just man made BS? I see nothing here but yet another Prot trying to out-pope the Pope by making himself out to be the Mouthpiece for God and Final Arbiter on Interpreting the Bible. Catholics and even Orthodox have had this problem but at least they have some history, however dubious some of it may be, behind it all. Humility and the knowledge that you ain’t God and only have a speck of an idea of what He wants would seem to be called for here, “Pastor”.

  12. Bernie says

    and here’s hoping that the land of denial you live in helps you feel better because your denial runs deep, mean spirited and judgemental on all those who don’t practice your narrow minded type of religion…….

  13. Paul says

    As someone who has lived in Dallas his whole life, I have to thank Caliban for his comment! I haven’t laughed so hard against Dr J in a long time. Sadly the best we can do – is try to off set some of the damage that he and his done. Though how you can take him and his church seriously with a Bellagio style musical fountain going up along with their new digs I just dont know. Check it out on YouTube.

  14. Jason Chenard says

    Steve’s phrase ‘invent the sickness, sell the cure’ is the most awesome thing I’ve read in forever. My day can’t get any better, so I’m turning in!

  15. parkrunner says

    Look, I’m a good guy. I’m a caregiver to my BF’s mom, I take her to church every Sunday and I always give a buck to panhandlers saving up for a 40. If I have to give up butt sex to get to Heaven, I say bury me with a case of asbestos Trojans. I’m allergic to asbestos, I swell up like a balloon.

  16. Todd says

    He is seriously one fruit loop short in his Kellogs box. I am always fascinated about people who are so convinced of what cannot be proven. Or even people who still think scaring people with the old “you’ll burn in hell over your sins” B.S. still is a viable argument. I’d love to meet him and write a thesis on our interactions. I bet he’s a hoot to see mad.

  17. King of the World says

    The Irony is that if a Muslim had said those same very words(It is preached in Mosques all over the world) All these hate filled babbling morons who have posted comments on this site would have stuck their stuck their heads in their rear ends and pretended not to have heard anything.
    Fear of Muslims is the key here.

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