Kobe Bryant Blasts Twitter User for Using ‘Gay’ as an Insult


Kobe Bryant, who in April 2011 was fined $100,000 for using an anti-gay slur toward a ref, publicly smacked down a Twitter user last night for using "your gay" (sic) as an insult.


Outsports reports:

“I’m very excited to see Kobe taking an active stand on this,” You Can Play co-founder Patrick Burke told Outsports. “His actions are proof that athletes who use casual homophobia can be educated on this issue. Athletes who are given a chance to learn from their mistakes can become some of the LGBT community’s most valuable supporters.”

After apologizing for calling a referee a “faggot” two years ago, Bryant said he would do something to rectify his actions. He hasn’t done it yet, but this is definitely a fantastic step.