1. Paul R says

    It’s clear from Boehner’s expressions during last night’s speech that we shouldn’t expect him to be especially helpful in coming years. He looked like he was suffering a terrible bowel movement. He’s scared he’ll be ousted, and the tea party continues to be insufferable.

  2. Rich F. says

    The biggest question in all of this: if and when DOMA is declared unconstitutional, will people who would have been otherwise eligible for federal spousal benefits (e.g., survivor payments, tax deductions, etc.) if not for DOMA be entitled to retroactive receipt of said benefits?

  3. WBC says

    He is like a one man WBC, or anti-gay Christian who is trying to stop LGBT people from having the same rights and freedoms all Americas have. These haters will stop at nothing, even using psychological warfare on LGBT people. The sad part is some LGBT people go along with the psychotherapy torture used on ex gay people and are suckers who pay for psychotropic drugs that can kill them.

  4. paul says

    Boehner looked like he was slowly becoming part of that leather chair…that’s how engagaed he is with real peoples problems. He has about as much feeling as a leather bound piece of furniture. How can a person who bangs on about the deficit spend millions of tax payers money defending a bigotted cruel law ? He even had the audacity to refuse to meet a dying veteran who had risked her life for him and his country. Vile man.

  5. Rich F. says

    @ Paul R: True. However, if the court rules that the law is, in fact, unconstitutional, and should never have been implemented in the first place, I think there would be pretty good standing for a lawsuit to receive restitution.

  6. 1equalityusa says

    A body language expert would have a field day on Weeping John Latent Boehner’s tongue thrusts every time something personally distasteful to him came up in the speech. Watch when President Obama talks of immigration reform. Out thrusts the tongue of this orally fixated alcoholic imbecile. The Republications need to be thrown into obscurity for a century.

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