1. jason says

    Why all the praise for Pink? She’s done nothing for us gay guys.

    Yet another female who gets in the way of our success. Stop promoting commercially successful females and start questioning why openly gay or bisexual men can’t make it in the music industry, let alone the NFL.

  2. Ken says

    I don’t go so far as to agree with Jason, but it reminds me of going to gay bars and almost all the videos are by women. One after the other after the other after the other. Yeah there are good songs but don’t guys make any worth playing?

  3. yuninv says

    Openly gay and bisexual men can’t make it in the music industry? Unless you count Elton John, David Bowie, Rufus Wainright, Darren Hayes, Jake Spears, George Michael, Mika, Holly Johnson, Chuck Panozzo, Clay Aiken, Andy Bell, Michael Stipe and Rob Halford – just to name a few.

    Seriously. If you don’t know who those people are, then you’re disrespecting the very gay community you claim to be defending.

  4. UFFDA says

    Pink is as odd as an ardvark. She’s in some kind of reverse body drag, a kind of man in a real woman’s body flopping around like a spoiled child on a bobbing bed floating through wispy fog fake. Her real gift is comedy and I hope she takes it up someday, I’m sure I would fall down laughing as I almost did at this video. She is SO ridiculous it’s amazing and funny at the same time, like a really dumb autistic kid who says wonderful things when interviewed. She’s so improbable I can’t stop watching.

  5. says

    Great song, interesting video. And when, exactly, did an interesting artist have to pass the “agenda” test? I don’t give a damn if she’s parade marshal at the Pride parade, I like her MUSIC.

  6. Remote Patrolled says

    First up – have loved the song for months now – but the video makes no sense and looks cheap.

    In terms of what Pink has done for gay rights… seriously?

    Have you listened to Dear Mr President from the I’m Not Dead album? Or remember the gay kiss in the Raise Your Glass video?

    Pink’s been a big supporter of gay marriage for a long time now. Openly talked of her love for her gay fans. Appeared on the cover of the Advocate. Admitted to experimenting with women. Played gay clubs around the world…

  7. (the other)jamesintoronto says

    Towleroad’s masthead says “a site with homosexual tendencies” which means it can post anything that might appeal to a gay audience and Pink certainly fall into that category (if you don’t believe me you’ve never been to one of her concerts). And realistically, Andy can post anything he damn well wants to… it’s his site and it’s the reason why I love it. He understands that the LGBT community has vast interests that include sports, technology, science, business, etc.

  8. Patrick says

    OMG THE GUY FROM FUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNN soooo HAPPY!!! FUN by the way does a lot for the LGBT agenda so does that make it okay for you guys to enjoy this?

  9. my2cents says

    this was enjoyable, and their voice work well together.
    imho the lyrics are more important than the prop styling of the video.

    would love to a pink / robyn duet… two inspiring, fearless role models.

  10. MateoM says

    People, why do you keep feeding the troll Jason? Of course Pink has been an outspoken supporter and advocate for LGBT for years. This is well know.

    Jason is just a troll and trying to rile up the comments section. If you ignore him, he’ll go away.

  11. says

    David Bowie was openly admitting to his attraction to men during his peak Ziggy Stardust era. As for his bisexuality, David has stated that he met his first wife because they were sleeping with the same guy at the time.

    Rufus Wainwright has been openly gay since his debut, and Elton still sold lots of albums after he came out. Ditto for Rob Halford, Michael Stipe and George Michael.

  12. db says

    Jason, what are you talking about Rufus Wainright, Darren Hayes, Jake Spears, Holly Johnson, Andy Bell, and I would add Jimmy Somerville were all out. And Bowie came out as bi when he was making hits then went back in when he stopped. And in any case–none of that is Pink’s fault.

  13. bandanajack says

    sometimes i wonder why i even bother to read comments on something that pleases me. its a great pop vocal. its pop music, and the worst that can be said is that it is self indulgent, but it is taken directly from pink/alicia’s own understanding of herself and how she has self sabotaged her relationships over her life, including the one with her now husband carey hart, rightfully in the video as well.

    andy’s mix of gay right advocacy, gay interest, and what he, as an intelligent, well informed, and worldly man, find’s intriguing or heart warming. rarely has one man been able to please so many disparate gay men and ancillary allies by the sheer force of his broad ranging mind, so this niggling in the comments only reflects on the ones doing the comments.

  14. Seattle Mike says

    WOW! Two of my favorite current singers. Love the song, love their voices. Love the video, but I am mystified by that teddy bear. :-)

    Also, the camera didn’t spend enough time lingering on the body of her hot husband.

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