1. Geoff says

    What a sweet guy. Rational, forthright, articulate, genuinely caring and careful. His (girlfriend/wife?) is lucky, indeed…as are we all. Politics?

  2. Marc C says

    Seriously, PLEASE don’t feed the troll or you allow him to hijack what is otherwise a positive post.

  3. Zlick says

    There’s troll and then there’s the occasional Hatemonger spewing anti-gay venom on a gay-centric website. I have to wonder why there isn’t more of that, considering the world full of anti-gay freakazoids out there. So I assume there’s some kind of – dare I say it – comment section moderating going on. And if not, there should be.

    If the staff doesn’t have time for such things, and I imagine they don’t – perhaps it should be entrusted to the only regular commenter who seems to have the time and inclination to be involved in every comment thread for every story on Towleroad. And I say that only half-jokingly.

  4. GLORIA says

    Dear Funinshows:

    Are your drug claims and any other allegations confirmed? If not, Tiffany’s lawyer may want to talk to you.

    You are not funny.

  5. Josh says

    Roberts is Gay Autoanimatronics. He’s a loyal soldier for the cause, but he should realize that most of the world is straight, and could care less about same sex sex. We all await an on-air gaffe by Robert to break his “gay straight generic” on air presentation.

  6. Erick says

    Kluwe is like a male version of Gloria Allred. An opportunist and media whore, and I don’t trust him.

  7. will says

    Erick! What a horrible comment. If somebody calls you an attention-seeking comment whore, is that fair?

    I think it really reflects on the nature of our struggle that we attract the brightest and most articulate people in the NFL (Brendon, Chris, Connor Barwin, and Scott Fujita). You can FEEL the optimism in the air. It’s all turning around for us now after years of coming out, activism, and education. The vote in Maine, Maryland, and Washington was a such beautiful breakthrough. We owe some gratitude to Obama as well as our straight allies. Obama truly was a catalyst for changing african-american hearts and minds after his endorsement. I saw the poll numbers shift in Maryland within the course of four weeks. It feels good to be living through this period.

  8. FunMe says

    What a “cool dude”! And what a great straight ally to have in our team. For those who don’t know, Chris is married to a woman and has 2 little girls. His brother-n-law (wife’s brother) is gay. I wonder if that is why he is so open minded and gung ho on being such an advocate for GLBT equality and free speech? Something tells me that being from the liberal part of California (the middle is conservative btw) helped him formed his strong opinion for equality for ALL.

    Thank you Chris!

  9. DannyEastVillage says

    Every time I hear him he’s even more articulate and better grounded about this issue. He’s clearly a thoughtful man–and a good guy.

  10. Patrick says

    Interesting that the straight ally seems to understand equality so much more than the gay interviewer! I’m a bit ashamed that I’ve so stereotyped NFL players as meathead morons. Chris, Brendon and all the other allies — thanks for standing up for me. I’ll now stop the dumb jock stereotyping.

  11. Diogenes Arktos says

    I love Kluwe.

    @Erick: How about spending time researching Kluwe before you display your ignorance?

    @Melvin & Oliver: Winter is irrelevant for Kluwe and his hat:(

    @FunMe: His public statements center on his upbringing and not his brother-in-law.