1. ratbastard says

    The cases mentioned don’t sound like they’re all related.

    Luring gay men, especially older guys who’re are perceived to be more vulnerable and to have $, is an old scam. A lot of violent ex-cons and druggies are well aware of it, and know that some gay guys are attracted to rough trade. Drugs and addiction also play a major role. In the case of the victims, drug and alcohol abuse lowers their inhibitions and commonsense.

    NYC has more than few guys pulling this hustle. Moral of the story is to be very careful where your safety is concerned. And if you have a substance abuse problem get help because we live in a dangerous world full of dangerous,bad people who see ‘weak’ people as easy prey.

  2. jaragon says

    I feel sorry for the victims but it’s not the wisest of moves to hook up with strangers you meet on line. And yeah Ratbastard is right.

  3. Francis says

    Gotta be wise in NYC and know the tricks of the trade. Rat is very right. Seems like a large if not the majority of these types of incidents occur in NYC. These older men tend to be rich and can make decisions out of lust without thinking of the risks they’re taking. Hopefully these tragic deaths open some eyes.

  4. jaragon says

    we should not blame the victims but unfortunately gay men are still MEN which means we let our dicks take over our brains.

  5. WHATEVS says

    Apparently, only you and are reporting on this. Way to get everyone up in a tizzy before any of this has even been proven. Calling four murders a serial killing is a pretty serious call especially with so few facts. You should get those facts straight before you start potential hysteria like this. Irresponsible journalism. But it’s the internet, what can one expect? EVERYONE should use caution when hooking up with strangers no matter how they met. Not just gay men in NYC, but people EVERYWHERE! ALL people.