1. Gigi says

    Why does CNN continually give members of the FRC, a certified hate-group, a platform to spread their egregious views?

  2. Jacques says

    uh, uh, um, uh… even Sprigg is having a hard time figuring out how to defend his position without sounding like a complete idiot. (A task at which he failed here.)

    I don’t see how the BSA puts this back in the bottle. How can they possibly announce later this week that they have decided to stick with the ban? Stick a fork in it, it’s done. Thanks for playing FRC.

  3. johnny says

    “The mere fact that someone openly identifies themselves as homosexual means that they are modeling for boys the acceptability of homosexual conduct.”

    The mere fact that you hold yourself up as a paragon of “family values,” which is nothing more than a disguise for open bigotry and hatred means you are modeling yourself for boys the acceptability of bigoted conduct.


  4. J. Alan says

    The more they (the narrow minded bigots) talk, the more everyone talks about this subject and asks questions. The more they speak, the more they back themselves into a corner. FRC, Westboro Baptist Church, etc., has done huge favors for LGBT causes by being so crazy and hateful.

  5. Matt26 says

    Why would anyone like to be a part this organization, which tolerates this kind of discrimination?

  6. Will says

    Isn’t there a saying a long the lines of don’t trust someone you can’t look in the eye? That mans are tiny black dots I can barely see.
    On a different note, do people actually join the boy scouts any more?

  7. peterparker says

    Gigi says this every time because it’s true!

    I love that Carol Costello is going to the mat with this asshat, but someone needs to tell her that terms like “gay lifestyle” and “gay agenda” are as obsolete as Family Research Council.

  8. Bill says

    In fact the BSA does not ban gays in general, only those that have come out – otherwise they wouldn’t know. In terms of adult supervision, someone who is out is the least likely person to be trolling for young or not so young boys: whatever his sexual orientation, a pedophile looking for victims is not likely to shout, “Yo, I’m gay,” which would ensure that he would be persona non grata – these guys may be evil, but they are not stupid.

  9. HUH says

    So you are saying that groups like this should just fly under the radar and spew their crap (and take out ads in the media) and not have to publicly defend their bigotry? I would rather they have to answer to their stupidity on national tv and look like fools doing so, it actually helps us. Also, I think she was using those terms (their terms) in a backhanded way against this guy.

  10. Eric says

    @J. ALAN

    Unfortunately, that isn’t true. Research has proven that lies told often enough eventually become almost impossible to “correct” in people’s minds. Indeed, research shows that after a certain point, trying to show people facts proving the lies are inaccurate just makes them dig in more.

    Perhaps the most famous use of this was Hitler blaming the Jews for all of the problems of Germany after WW I. For more recent examples just look at Fox News or the Republican Party.

    Humans are not entirely rational. You’re assuming that pointing out factual errors will solve the problem. One need only look at religion to see that this isn’t the case. You can point out all of the factual errors and impossibilities in the Bible all day and it doesn’t change a lot of minds. If people are primed to feel a certain way, they are easily pulled in to believe a lie.

    That is the real danger of giving these people a platform to spew hate, and it doesn’t matter a damn if someone is sitting right there to point out the flaws and errors.

    Liberal, scientific, and LGBT groups all think that if only we can show enough people the facts they’ll come around. We make the fatal assumption that everyone thinks like we do and treasures reason, fact, and science. This is why we’re having such a hard time.

    A great video explaining how we should be using strategic communication in talking to these groups is:

    Sadie Crabtree on Winning Hearts And Minds for Skepticism

  11. Houndentenor says

    Lifting the ban just leaves the issue to the local troop. Most of them will keep the ban and for the most part nothing will change. This is a PR move to appeal to corporations with nondiscrimation policies that the nationwide ban violates (and who are therefore not donating to BSA).

  12. KuMiCu says

    I agree with Houndentenor, I think this is merely a ploy to get back the money they are losing to corporate sponsors. I very much doubt they will ever reverse their policies and will have a clause saying this is up to the troop to decide to allow gays to participate or or a become a Scout Leader. But will encourage them not to allow gays in their troops. Follow the $$$$

  13. Belthazar says

    @Hound, that is my concern. Because the decision to accept gay scouts/leaders will be left to the local troops, I’m afraid that we will have hodgepodge rules around the country with many non-accepting troops, particularly those in very religious communities.

  14. ostracario says

    @HUH Three things:

    1. Good to know that you’re paying attention.
    2. It’s something that’s worth repeating.
    3. You criticize yet offer no counter-argument. Why is that?

  15. Jeffret says

    The BSA already allows women as full leaders. In most areas there are still a lot more men leaders, but there are women at every level of leadership. Peter Sprigg doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  16. gr8guyca says

    @Hound. Absolutely right.

    And, at this point, they can’t vote not to accept any gay scouts. That would kill even more of their corporate sponsors because it would make clear that they discriminate.

    It is, at least, a step forward – if a highly imperfect step. It still means that a gay scout or scout leader can find – or start – a group that they can belong to.

    But would Rosa Parks be satisfied knowing that she could sit in the front of certain buses, but not all buses? No. Neither should we.

  17. HUH says

    @Ostracario: good to know you are paying attention. Please see my post at 2:50 to see what my reason was. Thanks for coming out.

  18. HUH says

    @Ostracario…it’s worth repeating:

    So you are saying that groups like this should just fly under the radar and spew their crap (and take out ads in the media) and not have to publicly defend their bigotry? I would rather they have to answer to their stupidity on national tv and look like fools doing so, it actually helps us.

  19. Gigi says

    @PETERPARKER Thanks for the love!

    @HUH Should CNN allow Holocaust deniers weekly access to their programs to discuss their views? How about the KKK? I understand your point. I’ve often had this discussion with others about the David Pakman show. He’s sparred with people from the Westboro Baptist Church, Bryan Fischer, Gordon Klingenschmitt and many others, but he doesn’t let them get away with anything. He calls them out for the bigotry and hypocrisy. Costello did an O-K job of this but I’d still rather she didn’t bother.

    You’ve got your opinion and I’ve got mine.
    Thanks for the shout-out!

  20. HUH says

    Well you analogy is a little off. These religious groups are in the news now for fighting against gay issues that are in the news now. That’s what makes it topical today. If the Holocaust deniers and the KKK put an ad in today’s edition of USA Today like these groups did, then by all means go after them. But they didn’t and we are discussing this topic…today.

  21. funinsnows says

    Yes, gays are child molesters or homolesters such as Jerry Sandusky & the priests who homolest boys-they are homosexuals. 33% of gays report homosexual rape in youth. Many gays and lesbians who commit suicide do so because they often were childhood sex abuse victims and many have other copathologies such as antisocial conduct, drugs, etc. Sex abuse especially homosexual rape in youth is major cause of homosexual behaviors-to deny it is dishonest, delusional or both. It remains to be seen how many of Jerry Sandusky’s victims think they’re gay :toilet: because of this. Homosexual/lesbian sexual behaviors :toilet: are bad for health often as result of childhood sex abuse though there possibly other causes such as birth defect though they’ve not conclusively proven gayism’s inborn. All that is truth just as it’s truth Carol Costello passes gas & dumps turds.

  22. Will says

    lol look who crawled out of the woodwork FUNINSNOWS. If i had to put my money on it he/she would be the next one to go shoot up a school/mall/theater/shooting range/insert any other institution here

  23. funinsnows says

    Will, I’m not a gun owner. Carol Costello is menopausal. Carol Costello farts & shits like every1 else.

  24. Gigi says

    @HUH I stand by my original comment, and I disagree with you. Thanks for drawing my attention to yourself. I wouldn’t have noticed you otherwise.

  25. Michael says

    It stumps me how someone can go on national television and spout well known lies and not be sued for slander.

    Free speech should not mean one is allowed to obtain a national platform to slander a group of people with lies.

  26. Diogenes Arktos says

    The question to ask: How does he explain that there are other national groups which *are* inclusive.

  27. says

    “Stomps”? Hardly – more like tap-dances. That same APA study, and more studies besides, have shown that 90% of all childhood abuse is committed by heterosexual members of the child’s immediate family, of the remaining 10% 7 out of 10 were heterosexual males within a close circle of the child’s aquaintances – i.e. teachers, pastors/priests, bus drivers, school counselors, etc. The remaining 3% is an even split between heterosexual women in that aquaintance group and homo/bi-sexual men and women. While – as individuals – homosexuals are “no more likely” than heterosexuals, the facts are that, as a matter of actual commission of the crime, homosexuals are a miniscule segment of perpetrators. The BSA has, for over 2 decades, covered up a huge scandal involving sexual molestation of scouts by their scout masters. Oddly enough, this coincides with the time that Christian organizations – namely the Catholic and Mormon Churches – gained the majority control of BSA sponsors. Coincidence? Maybe, but I don’t think so.

  28. db says

    FUNINSNOWS are you joking or stupid. Jerry Sandusky wasn’t gay. He was a married to a woman. Most child molesters are hetero men. YOu are just repuslive.

  29. Ted says

    If you were a 9 year old male and got brutally raped by a gay older man you would understand why there should be no gays in the Boy Scouts