1. joe says

    I think Ed Whalen perfectly made the point against his own view when he admitted that he knew nothing about the lesbian mother that was kicked out. He admitted it was an arbitrary rule that excluded someone that he knows nothing about for reasons that have nothing to do with her qualifications to be a boy scout leader. He isn’t interested in ensuring the most qualified people are in place as leaders.

  2. Earthxdog says

    Ed is blatantly bigoted as is illustrated by his calling the question posed regarding IF his son were gay rude.

    That is the mentality that separates.

    That is what creates the illusion that gay=inferior or wrong.

    This is a no-brainer, Boy Scouts. This ban must be lifted along with all other stigma & rule that perpetuates inequality in this country.

    Stop this madness.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    That struck me too, Joe. He said he couldn’t comment on the lesbian mother because he didn’t know her, yet he claimed to know enough about all gay men to know they shouldn’t be in scouting. With his opinion that adult men shouldn’t be trusted with teenaged girls, I think he must have been projecting. And it was interesting how progressively nasty he got as the interview went on.

    I would love for Zach Wahls to challenge Senator Chuck Grassley some day.

  4. Oliver says

    Randi Kaye to the Dad:
    “Would you want your son to be in the Scouts if he was gay?”

    “I think a question like that directed at my son is a rude question.”

  5. johnny says

    A case of solid, clear facts being presented up against pure bigotry and zealotry.

    Boy Scouts better watch out, they could easily be replaced by Camp Fire, an organization that is growing rapidly.

    Camp Fire’s site:

    “Our program standards are designed and implemented to reduce sexual, racial, and cultural stereotypes and to foster positive intercultural relationships. In Camp Fire, everyone is welcome.”

  6. Troy says

    Zach is a credit to the Scouts and his attitude, demeanor and intelligence demonstrates what the value in attaining Eagle Scout status is. He is a living embodiment of the motto Be Prepared.

  7. M2 says

    This creep is in breeder denial. The really issue here is that ignorance and ‘religion’ still deems ‘the gays’ responsible for pedophilia/pederasts and their predator existence. This creep has this fantasy that gays are hiding in pup tents just waiting to pounce on their little scouts.
    When in reality, much like Sandusky, many, if not most of these sexual deviants usually are married and most have families of their own.

    I will forever regret having had this issue in my professional life. A married boss, ironically at a very self-proclaimed ‘community co’ who had a 3 yr relationship with a boy from his own son’s high school class. Some of us were immediately aware when this boymance ended because ‘The Perv’ then starting attending overnight biz trips w/ a teenager (had just turned 18!) that he met at the mall.
    When I complained to HR that the fact that they shared a room and this kid was a teenager made me uncomfortable w/o getting into the nasty details, I was aggressively told that
    ‘ he’s married , so what’s the issue??” and was then treated as if I were the problem. (Ironically, this was told to me by a hardcore bull dyke trying to pass herself off as a republican, hetro-married young mother – it was a very christopher guest moment – just without the humor, or course!)
    Until breeders own up to the sad fact that the enemy really plays on their team we’ll only continue to get these weirdo zealots.

    BTW – Zach Wahls – what a beautiful man !

    Be prepared Bitches!

  8. says

    i’m so glad “if your son was gay” was brought up.

    because that’s the reality. being a bigot doesn’t make you immune from having a gay child.

    having a gay kid isn’t a bad thing. being a bigot is. this man (who looks like Kane from Poltergeist II) is scum, and he’s ignoring the fact that this policy is also discriminatory against the young scouts themselves.

  9. james says

    The solution for protecting the boys from sexual predators is clear: only lesbians can be Scout leaders, and the Roman Catholic Church can no longer sponsor troops. There. Problem solved.

  10. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “i’m so glad “if your son was gay” was brought up. because that’s the reality”.

    I was too. She really struck a nerve there. I wish she had followed up and asked why he thought a “what if” situation was rude.

  11. says

    LMAO @ “mic-drop”

    that woulda been KING!

    the “if your son was gay” question needs to be addressed, hard, and followed up with every single person against the policy change. because these are the people who continue to ignore the reality that, well, some children are gay. these bigots are either raising their own kids to be intolerant bigots, or are massively damaging the sense of self worth in their own potentially-gay children, and for sure their children’s gay peers.

    do these people think that only “Leftists” give birth to gay kids? the only thing Leftists with gay children do is make sure doors are opened for them.

  12. says

    Wow – when met with calm rationality, the bigotry simply ‘oozes’ from Ed Whelan’s pores.

    It’s people like Zach – or take it a step further – it’s his two mothers that did a PHENOMENAL job raising Zach, that will change the climate of intolerance and discrimination in this country.

    BRAVO to the entire Wahls family !

  13. Chip says

    Doesn’t this a;;hole or any of the other bigots realize that gay men and boys have been boyscouts since the beginning? I was a Cub and a Scout all during the time I was dealing with the fact that I am gay, and the idea never entered my mind that, because of it, I should give up what to me was a rewarding experience that was an important part of my life and which was helping in many parts of my life and adding to my education and training.

  14. Bart says

    A few highlights from the Ed Whelen, who apparently can’t find a job so he makes up his own organization (only to embarrass it on national TV): 1) I don’t know anything about the lesbian because that would blow my entire argument out of the water. 2) Asking a hypothetical question that I don’t want to answer because I would look like the terrible homophobic father I am becomes an attack on my son. 3) So some religious denominations are for lifting the ban, the Catholics and Baptists aren’t and apparently, they must own the Boy Scouts. 4) Doing the right thing is about money. Which if true, why would someone like Ed want his child to be part of an organization that sells out to the almighty dollar anyway?

    This guy is another assclown. Maybe his little made-up organization can spare a room for Santorum’s next foray into politics. Maybe Ed can be the chauffeur of the clown car.

  15. Richard Harney says

    The decision to allow gay members will ultimately be about money. The BSA decided to keep their ban on gay people only 7 months ago. Since that time, they have lost a lot of money to companies that have pulled funding. If they once again reiterate that stance, you will see another mass exodus of major corporations pulling funding. So that guy does have a point that this decision is about money and not about simply doing what’s right, because in their minds, what is right is keeping the ban in place.

  16. Randy says

    He thinks it’s “rude” question because he really believes that gays are “that way” because they choose it. It’s rude because being gay is something that is or should be shameful, in his opinion. Gay = bad, evil, immoral.

    Pretty damn clear to me.

  17. Jimtoday says

    I was hoping for more.
    Zach Wahls treated this Whalen character as an equal with an opposing view, when the man was a lowlife ideologue, unprepared to support his feeble hatred of “the other” with sneering code words. It was not a “smackdown”. Frankly it only served to elevate the homophobic, atheist-phobic mouth breathers. Whalen couldn’t even say if his own son were gay he could still be a Boy Scout! He called the very notion of applying his rules to his own kid “rude”! The side of equality needs a more aggressive, righteous mouthpiece.

  18. Will says

    best part of the interview;
    Kaye, “would you want your son to be in the scouts if he was gay?”

    long pause

    Whelan, “you know I think a question like that directed at my son is a rude question”

  19. Bill says

    @Will: While Zach could be in trouble with the grammar police (failure to use the subjunctive mood for hypothetical conditions), the real reason Whelan thought the question was rude is that he had no good answer. If he said, “yes”, it would contradict his position, and if he said “no”, he’d have to explain whether it was because he thought that the scouts would treat a gay member badly or it was because his son would be “damaged goods”. All the options make Whelan look bad.

  20. David says

    Here are some of the funders for the Ethics and Public Policy Center: Between 1985 and 2001, the Center has received $9,190,704 in 114 separate grants from only eight foundations:
    Castle Rock Foundation
    Earhart Foundation
    Koch Family Foundations (Claude R. Lambe Foundation)
    John M. Olin Foundation, Inc.
    Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
    Between 2001 and 2010, the Ethics and Public Policy Center received almost $3 million from the conservative Bradley Foundation[2].
    Scaife Foundations (Sarah Mellon Scaife, Carthage)
    Smith Richardson Foundation


  21. Bob says


    We see there is not much point in trying to have a discussion with those who think it will be 1960 forever, and have dug in.

  22. David Hearne says

    First I will declare that I support the right of a private club to discriminate, even if I think they are ridiculous for doing so or potentially harmful to gay youth. We simply cannot prevent parents from being stupid towards their children while ignorant of the possibility that a child is gay.

    Howbeit, the limitation on my support is when the Boy Scouts maintain that they can discriminate while still getting government freebies. I have listened to anti-gay people whine for a decade because governments have reviewed the court ruling and decided that they could no longer give free space or funding to a private religious group. This is as it should be. The BSA can’t have a free boat slip, campground, or meeting hall now they they have established that they are a private religious group. They cannot recruit in public schools for “all boys” and then say, “except you”.

    The amazing thing about these interminable conversations has been the recurring theme expressed by heterosexual men that heterosexual men can’t be trusted around female children or adolescents. Stunning.

    My sister is gay and so am I. I have had a parental role in my niece’s upbringing. Neither my sister nor myself would have ever dreamed of sending my niece off on a camping trip with strangers. Either we would be allowed to go along, or she’s not going. It’s that simple. She went to sea camp in the Keys, and Episcopal sleepover camp in Sarasota and was never out of trusted hands. We also insist that she be allowed access to her cell phone at all times, and when she is uncomfortable for any reason she calls us. We are not helicopter parents. She is also allowed to ride the Muni alone when in San Francisco, it’s frightening to us, but she has to learn to be self reliant.

    What is with straight men? What are they telling us? These would be the same straight men who saw Debra Lafave and said, “Why didn’t I have a teacher like that?” Can you imagine if a gay man had said that about a male teacher who sexed a student?

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