Chipotle Cancels Sponsorship of Boy Scouts Event


Chipotle has canceled its sponsorship of a Boy Scouts Event in Utah.

Think Progress reports:

In an email, company spokesman Chris Arnold wrote:

By way of follow up, we have terminated our sponsorship of this event.

As I mentioned yesterday, community support decisions like this are made in a decentralized way and this one was inconsistent with our own policy. We believed that terminating the sponsorship and remaining consistent with our policy was the right thing to do, and we have reinforced our policy with the team that makes these decisions to try to prevent similar issues in the future.

Chipotle Does Not Support Companies That Discriminate Against Gays Unless They Are the Boy Scouts [tlrd]


  1. David says

    Well, I’m glad that bullying still works.

    When this event ends up using Chic-fil-a to cater, I hope you guys will get some perspective. Oh wait, no, you’ll just foam at the mouth.

  2. excy says

    Chipotle’s decision to sponsor an event of the Boy Scouts of the USA was, in fact, contradictory to their stated corporate policy. It did seem that they wanted to have their cake and eat it too.
    So no bullying here….just a reminder to be consistent. I am happy to read this…I kind of like their buritto in a basket :-)

  3. Caliban says

    @marinerotx, I’m getting really tired of this canard that if you boycott or protest against an organization that actively discriminates against a group, that is in fact YOU who are “bullying” them.

    Has a single gay group EVER promoted the idea that Mormons, Catholics, or Evangelicals be denied the right to marriage? That they should be denied entry or services otherwise available to public, jobs, or housing?


    But their argument seems to be “If we aren’t allowed to openly discriminate against YOU, it oppresses US!” And they are the FIRST to threaten boycotts of companies, retail outlets, TV shows, actors and artists that acknowledge in any way, that gay people actually exist. It’s only when the same thing is done to them that it suddenly becomes unfair.

    In fact let’s start the countdown right now. How long will it be before Tony Perkins, the AFA, Bryan Fischer, the One “Million” Moms (all maybe 20,000 of them), and others encourage their members/listeners to boycott Chipotles for this move. My guess is before the end of the day.

  4. jamal49 says

    Saludos a Chipotle. Uds han ganado un cliente fiel por siempre!! Gracias!!

    I’ve sent an email to Chiptole to thank them. I think we all should show massive support for them. Let them know that we are grateful.

    It is a given that there will be a backlash from the neanderthal wing-nuts on the right. We need to help Chipotle weather the storm.

    And, by the way, here where I live in NYC, in a neighborhood that is largely Mexican immigrants, I’ve found that there is surprising support for marriage equality.

    My Mexican friends see discrimination against LGBT people as no different than the discrimination they’ve had to deal with. It comes from the same, poisonous sources.

  5. Critifur says

    I was certainly not threatening a boycott. I only suggested that I would not and could not support (spend my money) a company that supported (spend my money) a group that oppresses me (a former scout). Now it has been cleared up, so I will continue to spend my money there.

  6. says

    Not to throw a damp rag on this, but Chipotle franchises have in the past hosted fundraisers for the Boy Scouts causing controversies like this. Oddly, they don’t seem to learn their lesson. Let’s hope this time they do.

  7. Thomas says

    Huge thumbs up for Chipotle. Glad that I can still support them with my money.

    @CALIBAN–Awesome comment. Well reasoned, as you always seem to be on here.

  8. MaryM says

    Gonzo – Chipotle has NOT been bullied.

    Chipotle is a corporation. It is not a person.

    It is impossible to bully a corporation as it is a non-human entity.

  9. Chris says

    Is anyone else a little concerned about this kind of stuff? I understand pressuring organizations to stop financial funding of the National Boy Scouts, but it is my understanding that this was sponsorship by providing food to scouts. Regardless, the attitudes of the National Board have little to do with the actual children involved in scouting, and they seem to be the only ones affected by this.
    So we have succeeded in getting the food removed from a scouting event…what did that accomplish other than a little more animus towards us. Whatever our targets we should try to be more certain that there are no children in the crossfire. Right now, you have a pack of scouts, without a food sponsor, and no one to blame but those nasty gay people..and those scouts grow up to be the politicians, preachers, business men, and others who fight against our rights daily. I don’t think a little good will would have hurt here, and I think efforts should be focused on the national organization,not actual scout meetings or jamborees.

  10. MaryM says

    Chris – on cry me a river. The scouts won’t go hungry you know.

    Worse case scenario – their parents will have to prepare a packed lunch for them.

    Until the BSA reverse their homophobic positions it is not a safe organisation for any child to be a member of.

  11. Linda says

    Chris — This is important because as society moves forward, but the unfortunate strain of bigotry in Boy Scout doctrine locks them in the past, bit by bit they are left to stand alone. It begins to transform their perception by the public from an organization of integrity to an anachronism in need of an ethical update. And at the point where they are no longer admired for the qualities they represent, they will finally, hopefully, feel the pressure to change.

  12. excy says

    Let’s be clear here. Scouts Canada and many other scouting organisations around the world, members of the WOSM (World Organization of the Scout Movement) do not prohibit gay people from becoming members of their organizations. So it seems that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) hides behind the “doctrine” and continues discriminating in terms of sexual orientation and membership. I certainly hope that the BSA sees the light and changes this ridiculous policy. I think the writing is on the wall.

  13. macmantoo says

    Unless I missed something I don’t know that anyone bullied Chipotle to changed their mind. I haven’t seen anything that has requested a boycott of them. I think someone made the decision to cater this event when it not in the best interest of the company. I have heard the head of the company is gay and I would imagine that might have something to do with their policy.

    And if someone bullied them, then what is the difference between that and what the Million Moms doing with JC Penney’s or some of the other companies they’re boycotting? Or NOM and their boycotts? Is it only the straights that can boycott?

  14. Jeff says

    Yeah, I am heading over in 10 min. for the burrito bowl. I’ll order a side of guacamole with it which I don’t usually do, just so they get a little extra business out of me today.

  15. Firestorm says

    OH NOES! Poor Chipotle was bullied by the mean old gays! Elton John stuck Chipotle’s head in the toilet while Anderson Cooper gave it a wedgie! Won’t somebody please think of the corporations?

  16. Doug says

    So what if Chik-Fil-A does step in and sponsor this event? Let them. Let them continue to send the message that they support discrimination. Let the bible beaters eat there every day if they want. The public by and large is with us- just remember, the way they thought all the hate mongering would win them the US presidency! The important thing for me personally is that my hard earned cash is not helping a company support causes that I am against. If others want to support hate, I can not help that- but my dollars will not go to the hate mongering Boy Scouts, Chik-Fil-A, NOM, or anyone else that thinks I am a second class citizen! Oh- former cub and boy scout here!

  17. bostonbeat says

    It is so good to stand up to homophobia but the kids are loosing this game because less money and support for the Boy Scouts means less opportunities for these boys. I was a Boy Scout and it was such a wonderful part of my childhood…

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